All These Pokemon GO Events are Kinda The Same

Okay, so, over the last few weeks, we’ve been having events. That’s not much of a surprise, really. Events basically happen weekly now, all the time. In fact, Pokemon GO is made up of more events than normal spawns.

But there’s something odd about the last three events.

They’ve… all… kinda been the same…

To be fair, there’s only so much you can do to make events seem different. There’s only so many new Pokemon and shinies you can add. And you can’t just keep on giving everything new moves and releasing more and more Pokemon, because, well, there’s money to be made. And we only have so many Pokemon to add in general.

At the same time, the base spawns during non-events are also… kinda boring. It’s all strategically planned so you get a steady flow of ever-changing Pokemon. It’s easier to monetize that, rather than allowing any and all Pokemon to spawn at any one time.

But the last three events in particular have been pretty samey.

The same old pattern.

Each event has followed the same pattern. You get a bunch of event-related spawns. There’s a 5KM egg with the event spawns in it. We get a special research task that gives us the potentially shiny featured Pokemon. Raid bosses are tweaked to match the event, and the legendary raid fits the theme. And, occasionally there’s a vaguely related tie-in mini event over the weekend.

The Seeking Legends event, the Charge Up event and Weather Week follow this to a T. These events come about like clockwork, to the point that they’re barely actually events.

And to make matters worse, the special timed research that comes along with these events aren’t special at all. They just give you Pokemon that spawn in the wild anyway. Yeah, sure, it’s nice to get a handful of rainy Castforms. But most Castforms spawning are the normal variant, and they didn’t bother making the other two types of Castform, Snowy and Sunny, shiny as well.

Recurring Pokemon
Recurring Pokemon

The spawns are very similar.

The first event, the Seeking Legends event, one of the most common spawns was Aron, followed by Magnemite. Magnemite also appeared constantly in the Charge Up event. Tynamo was introduced for the Charge Up event, but is also a rare spawn and raid boss in the current Weather event. The same can also be said about Stunfisk, another common Charge Up Pokemon, who is also appearing in the wild for the Weather Week. All these Pokemon are overlapping, rather than having actually unique spawns for each event.

And half these spawns are kinda… normal generic Northern Hemisphere town spawns anyway! Aron, Voltorb, Pikachu and Castform are pretty common even outside of the events. Heck, in the current weather event, where I am, Poliwag and Ducklett are all actually uncommon spawns. Swellow, an event level 3 raid boss, and Swablu, a normal/flying type, are insanely common!

Not only are event spawns overlapping, they also contain normal Pokemon spawns.

You have normal Pokemon in eggs, common spawns in raids and little else. Despite there being an event on, you are kinda stuck with the same old Pokemon. To the point that these three events… aren’t even special.

So, uh, what even is the point of these events?


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