Season of Discovery reminds me of Pre-Seasons Pokemon GO

On June 1st, the Season of Legends ended and the Season of Discovery began. To be honest, the Season of Legends wasn’t that legendary. And the Season of Discovery probably won’t have many discoveries. But something about this new season is odd. Despite being new, it feels old.

Why is that?

Can’t be the events.

The events this June are pretty similar to previous months: constant and hard to keep track of. We’re having a ‘slow’ event soon which will have Slowpoke and similar Pokemon take up 99% of the spawns, and the new Pokemon we want will probably be locked behind raids or something. Research breakthroughs for June are also kinda lame. Sure, we get a free remote raid pass, but we also get Clamperl. And at the same time, we’re losing the weekly free boxes. Those boxes contained not just a raid pass, but a handful of berries and Pokeballs as well.

The raids available aren’t that great either. The three Regis are back in raids. We are getting a raid hour for each of them, but the Regis get recycled pretty regularly alongside the other trios. I suppose we haven’t had them back in a while, but eh. Here’s hoping we get Regigigas in raids as well at some point, because that gigantic… thing has been gone since EX Raids ended. Eggs this month seem a tad better. Not that it matters, since eggs are completely random and rigged.

There’s just overall not much to get excited about this month. I suppose a break from all the fairy types is nice though.

It’s probably the spawns.

The spawns for Season of Discovery don’t feel new in any way. We still have the Generation 6 Pokemon. Froakie, Chespin, Fennekin and the stupid lion thing are still spawning on the regular. There’s also the odd Caterpie and Weedle scattered around. Wurmple is around as well, which is nice because I want a shiny one. Sewaddle, the common bug equivalent of Gen 6, ISN’T around, but that’s to be expected these days.

Season of Discovery spawns in sunny weather
Season of Discovery spawns in sunny weather

However, it’s the other spawns that somewhat bring me back. Normal spawns consist of things like Pidgey, Whismur and Natu, which were all common back before Seasons came out. The Gen 1 starters are popping up alongside Gen 3 starters. And the weather-boosted Pokemon are the most familiar. I never thought I’d be happy to see Cacturne, Numel and Roselia again, but I am. I even saw a Rhyhorn, which has been MIA since December.

There’s weirdly not much that’s new.

Out of all the new seasonal spawns, the only genuinely new thing is probably Summer Deerling. Petilil is spawning now on a semi-regular basis, and I’ve spotted a few Alolan Geodudes, but that’s about it. Sure, I saw a Noibat the other day, but they’ve been rare spawns since Seasons started. And, of course, Aron and all the flying bird types are still around. Sentret is a new, common addition I guess, but it’s, well, Sentret.

Season of Discovery spawns in windy weather
Season of Discovery spawns in windy weather

Part of me wants to say this familiarity is a good thing, but I don’t really feel like it is. It’s just a reminder that I’ll only ever be seeing the same handful of Pokemon outside of events. For some reason, the ability to have all types of Pokemon spawning at once just seems impossible. Instead, we’re drip-fed Pokemon one event at a time.

I suppose, on the plus side, at least Rhyhorn is spawning. I need XL-candy for my Rhyperiors.


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