SPUF stands for Steam Powered User Forums, the official forums for most Steam titles, before they were cruelly replaced with the far inferior Steam Community User Discussions. Despite having a smaller population, the forum still served as a resource for big fixes and tips, and had a small but thriving community. The Daily SPUF continues posting articles in the old forums’ honour.

The SPUFblog was established in August 2013 for the purpose of providing a place for the denizens of the Steam Powered User Forums to post information in a format that wouldn’t be easily buried by the tyranny of a flooded forum. Things may have quietened down a bit, but the desire to make blog posts remains. Now, the Daily SPUF brings you an article every single day, not just about Team Fortress 2, but also other video games, while still maintaining its home as a place for SPUFers to get their rants published. We have over 1500 published articles for your reading pleasure, written by a huge number of SPUFers new and old.

Images for the blog posts are mostly provided by the Daily SPUF editors. All other images are credited in the posts in which they are used.

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