We cover a lot of topics at the Daily SPUF. Sometimes you just want to find a particular thing. Well here’s a handy list of, well, links.

Random Game Announcements

Is there a free game available right now? A massive discount? Who knows? If it’s a good deal, we’ll mention it here.

Community Announcements

Announcements regarding SPUF and the community.


Are you sick of having to scroll through a load of bollocks and pictures just to see a recipe? Me too. SPUFood puts recipes first, social commentary second.

The glorious contributors to the Daily SPUF do more than appease people with articles. We do other things too. Yes, really. Check these things out!

The SPUF of Legend

Our Youtube channel. A new video every week. Promise!


The TF2 section of the Steam User Forums and the reason why this place exists. Sadly, it no longer exists and now redirects you to the Steam Community Discussions, a awful place.

aabicus’s Youtube channel

Daily Shoutcasts, odds and ends and little bits too small to put on the SPUF of Legend.

aabicus’s Twitch

Stalk him. Go on. He secretly loves it. Often playing things like Payday, or streaming his Overwatch shoutcasting.

Medic’s Phoviverse

A completely original universe, featuring multiple races, many different worlds, new planes of reality and other tidbits, with new stories every other day.

The Daily SPUF on Facebook

I see you, all three people who like our Facebook posts!

Last but not least,

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