Why TF2 Should Be More Like Loadout

Loadout is fun, but sometimes it looks like it was designed by a 6th grader that just found out what “that’s what she said” means.

I’ve been picking up Loadout recently, and I’ve been having a blast, although I noticed that Loadout has a lot of elements TF2 has (mainly the fact that it has a LOT of spam, and revolves around mobility) but has implemented these elements a lot better:

Number 1: Spam.
Anyone who’s ever played Loadout knows that it has more grenade spam than TFC and more projectile spam than TF2x10 where everyone is using the Beggar’s Bazooka. And yet, Loadout‘s spam is much more enjoyable, why is that?

1.) Big fancy colored projectiles! In Loadout firefights often look like firework shows, with big colorful projectiles flying everywhere, and most importantly THEY ARE NOTICEABLE. In Loadout you can see a rocket barrage, or a pulse minigun coming for you a mile away to prepare yourself.

In TF2, a dinky barely noticeable Stickybomb can be your demise.
2.) Sustained over burst. In Loadout most weapons with minimal exceptions pack sustained damage which makes it a lot more manageable and enjoyable, while also a lot less stressful than a sticky coming out of nowhere and dealing 127 damage to you as scout.

Number 2. Graphics. (Not very important but still)
And no, I don’t mean the realistic look graphics hos drool over. After playing Loadout, TF2 looked too dull, too gray, despite having alive colors everything seemed like tinted gray compared to Loadout, where all the colors look like they are self illuminating and bright. TF2 could use a literal lightening up, think Borderlands outlines.

Number 3. Intent to get better!

Although this has absolutely nothing to do with TF2 in its current state, it would certainly benefit from it.
In Loadout, after performing the end of a match, you get blutes, in-game currency (which you can’t buy with real money no exceptions by the way) that allows you to build new weapons, tryout new parts for weapons and buy new equipment to suit your playstyle. Now this is important, because when a player does well, it goes on his performance report after a match and he earns bonus blutes and experience which raises his level, and earns even more bonus blutes if his team actually wins the match.

That goes double because individual contribution is very important in Loadout due to the fact that it’s always 4v4 (with minimal exceptions for 1 competitive gamemode) which means that 1 person can make the difference, which means players WANT to get better so they can earn more blutes to buy more weapons. In TF2, win or lose, you still get your free stuff anyways, so why bother? Even in CS:GO, you don’t get weapons for being logged in, although it doesn’t mater if you win or lose, you have to sit though an entire match and with a small team, you get your time to shine.

On the other hand TF2 is a 12v12 or 16v16 spamfest, where individual contribution although important, does not matter as much, which means there is even less intent to get better because your efforts don’t get noticed.

Number 4: Official matchmaking

In Loadout, depending on your performance and matches won, you gain levels, levels and stats are used to determine your skill level and when you try to join it pits you with people of equal level and items which makes for more enjoyable and balanced matches. In TF2, “official matchmaking” (aka ♥♥♥♥play) tries to find the server with less ping and puts you there, no matter the skill level. You can be a division 1, Platinum scout and get pitted with new players who don’t even know what a medigun is, or be a new player with 30 minutes into the game and get pitted in a server filled with experienced players that cream you.
There are a lot other things that Loadout does better than TF2, like enjoyable fast paced games that are easy to pickup and keep up with for everyone, less stalemates, better (although not perfect) balance between classes instead of “This class will be useful 99% of the time. This class will be balanced 1% of the time LET’S CALL IT A DAY! Communication between developers, active balancing based on community feedback. etc.

I thought these were the most important and shared traits that both games have, but Loadout does better.
If it’s too late for TF2, try to remember these for TF3.

2 thoughts on “Why TF2 Should Be More Like Loadout

  • December 8, 2018 at 9:40 am

    ewww no loadouts trash

    • December 8, 2018 at 11:20 am

      Well this was written back in 2014, before the developers kicked Loadout off a cliff.


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