Itsurblog: Final Score

Itsurblog was a series of threads that ran from early 2013 to… well, I will explain that at the end. Itsurblog is without a doubt a milestone in SPUF history, where users got to know each other better, make friends and just generally have a nice chat. No topics were barred, so cosplay, soap, porn, maids, furries, bronies, fallout, and any and all combinations of these could all be spoken about at length, which of course they were because this is SPUF. In fact, the very blog you are reading was influenced by itsurblog, so there could be a place SPUFers could talk about what they so wish without restriction.

On 24th of January 2014, since itsurblog was split across a number of threads, I went to all threads in the series, collected data, and posted the results in the, at the time, current thread CP_Freight Safety: Derail Prevention V. I wrote a Daily SPUF article about it in a notepad, but soon forgot about it. Recently I have remembered I had it so here are some of the more interesting stats to act as a history of itsurblog, accurate 24th of January 2014. Enjoy the numbers, and remember this was all before the fall of CP_Freight, so CP_Freight stats aren’t the final stats.

Blogs: First to Last

“SPUF: itsurblog” by Ganonthegreat
“The Thread that itsurblog” by zekrom3112
“Rebuild of Itsurblog: You Can (Not) Derail” by Jaydor
“It is your blog!” by Shadowcon66
“the thread that itsurblog – Jarate’d Off Edition” by The Medic
“Urblog thread 2: The Revenge” by zekrom3112
“General Chat Thread No. 3: We won’t give up” by Davjo #2
“The Thread That Itsurblog 4: The Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo” by SPOOK IT HARD
“CP_Freight Safety: Derail Prevention V” by iGamr [CP_Freight was later deleted, so no direct links. Cache can still be found]

Days since first OP

As of article write up, 487 days or 1 year, 4 months

Blogs: Posts

SPUF: itsurblog 32
The Thread that itsurblog 5844
Rebuild of Itsurblog: You Can (Not) Derail 231
It is your blog! 1
the thread that itsurblog – Jarate’d Off Edition 25
Urblog thread 2: The Revenge 3060
General Chat Thread No. 3: We won’t give up 89
The Thread That Itsurblog 4: The Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo 1
CP_Freight Safety: Derail Prevention V 8861 and ongoing, breaking 10,000 posts before getting locked and deleted

Total Posts across all thread


Posts per day average (2 decimal places)


Longest surviving blog

40 days :CP_Freight Safety: Derail Prevention V (It ended with roughly 50 days)
55 days :Urblog thread 2: The Revenge
72 days :The Thread that itsurblog

Shortest blog (time plus posts)

The Thread That Itsurblog 4: The Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo by SPOOK IT HARD – Less than one day with only OP. About 15 minutes.

Top 20 User Name Posts in CP_Freight Safety: Derail Prevention on 24th of January 2014 [About 1 week before getting locked]

Trebel 260
iGamr 248
The Medic 245
aabicus 234
Jay Dorris 122
TheConfusicus 72
PredatoryAmeoba 66
thesupremecmdr 61
milordrevan 49
derpherpyerp 45
A Dapper Apple 38
VenomousPastry 36
Whaambulance 35
hugthebed2 25
Argeon 24
1Fort 2Fort 23
BiteThatBullet 23
<|Brokkoli> 21
SilverAlen 19
Craylash 17
Annoyed grunt 16
Dr. Sabotage 15
Nethero 14
eugensiman 14
chevap666 12
NovaPixel 11
DrNightKOT 11
A 1970 Corvette 11
Calvinandhobbes 10
Maxillaws 9
2560×1600@120hz 9
Luxai 9
Junko 8
Wake123 7
StormHarbinger 7
JBski 7
Sir Vauhtihirmu 6
Freeway 6
Huff 5
TheWhinyOne 5
stamda 5

What about now?

With the locking of CP_Freight all attempts at a new itsurblog thread were locked and sometimes the user was temp banned. SPUFers, without a mega thread of derail to derail, spread out and shitposted all over the forum. Many SPUFers were banned or temp banned in the following days. Ponies, pixel images, meme threads, all were posted. After the dust settled, attempts to provide a social area for SPUFers took place. Steam groups, this very website, a server and mumble, all this was created or adapted to suit this need.

In the end, some of these projects thrived, while others died. Sadly itsurblog never graced the TF2 SPUF homepage again, but I hear whispers that a similar thread has sprung up somewhere nearby. Maybe one day I could update my stats by including this thread, but for now, I wait.

At least we can agree, the Sticky Launcher is a Tricky One, right?
At least we can agree, the Sticky Launcher is a Tricky One, right?



Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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  • August 25, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    On the note of non-thread social areas… Had anyone ever considered an IRC channel? They’re pretty popular these days and provide real-time text chats!


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