Itsurblog and SPUF-IRC


Well, after the newest itsurblog-thread’s maker was banned from SPUF, I thought that “OK, I have had this idea in my head for very long time now. I shall create IRC for SPUF”. Now, the thing I want to discuss here is about that IRC channel that I made and itsurblog in general. So, first of all, lets shamelessly (lol pun) plug about my IRC. This IRC channel is at Quakenet so connecting here¬†will get you there, if you connect into channel called #spuf. The rules there are not being moderated by SPUF moderators (obviously because it is unofficial), so SPUF’s rules don’t apply. But lets just say that useless flaming and trolling are frowned upon, and you generally don’t want to use swear words even tough they are not censored by any way. So basically, lets keep somewhat civilized discussions going, while disagreeing.


Itsurblogs are basically threads where people at the forum can post about whatever they want in limitations of forum’s rules. In SPUF’s case, moderators see these threads as mindless spam of threads and usually lock them and maybe ban the makers of those threads. Now, the spam of these threads would not be that big of a problem if moderators made a pinned thread for off-topic posts. Now I know that Steam Powered User Forum (I dont use acronym when talking about the thing as whole) has s section for off-topic discussion, but because biggest population of the forums are at TF2 section, also known as SPUF, it would deserve special attention from Steam Powered User Forums’ admins.

Now I know when stuff gets out of hand in these servers, there will be flamewars. But that is always in public forum where people have disagreements. And because of the rights that an American company has to obey is the 1st Amendment that while as far as I am aware does not affect foreign people, valve still has to respect as it is an American company. Because this Amendment grants freedom of speech that must be respected by public forum, every flamewar is protected by American law, and other countries that have some sort of freedom of speech. So what does this have to do with anything. Nothing, I am just doing this blog post just to plug my IRC channel I made for SPUF. Seriously, we need people here.

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