Design a weapon for TF2! (part two!)

I asked this question before, but there were only three staff members then. No reusing weapon concepts, you three!


John Caveson: A modified 1903 Springfield rifle for Soldier that’s a replacement for the shotty and basically a sniper rifle that can only no-scope. It would probably do around a 40-50 damage pershot. It will give Soldier better long-range capabilities while sacrificing the meatshoting and spread capabilities of the shotgun for close range protection.

aabicus: You know what I’ve always wanted to see? A Medigun that kept the invulnerability Uber and tampered with the other stats instead. Just because the Kritzkrieg swapped out its Uber everyone thinks they gotta have a new one, but its pretty hard to beat invincibility. So what about a Medigun designed to teach new players how to Medic better with the stock Ubercharge?

The Vita-Gun
On 100% Charge: Ubercharge automatically triggers on taking lethal damage
-25% ubercharge duration
-1 hp/sec drained from wearer

My goal with this weapon is to make something that new players think: “Oh, wow! I want to play medic now!” and then actually be a credit to team, as it removes their biggest scare (dropping Uber). However, good players will still be able to beat them with the stock medigun due to the shortened Uber, and eventually players who use this weapon will realize its holding them back and consider switching over. And everyone else finds there are more medics on their team healing them. Plus, it rewards Medics for staying alive long enough to reach 100%, but punishes Medics for “dropping” by leaving them at 1 hp+regen upon the Uber wearing off.

Medic: Of course, it’s got to be a Medic weapon. Thing is though, all Medic weapons are normally active things, and those with passive upsides are considered powerful. I like passive things, so my idea is to make Medics tankier. Hence this dumb primary weapon replacement.

The Panzer
Level 15 Shield
+25 health
+2 hp/sec while healing
-15% Ubercharge rate
+50% damage taken from headshots
Taking fatal random critical hit damage has a chance to not kill you and leave you at 1 health.

Yeah, it’s dumb, but most of my ideas are dumb.

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