Sham1 tries to CS:GO Part 1- The Beginning

Four thousand five hundred hours of TF2 and counting, one hundred and forty one hours of CS:GO. This is my  first blog post about my attempts at getting decent at Counter-Strike.

While receiving this M4A4 I have only one thing to ask: "How do I shoot with this thing"
While receiving this M4A4 I have only one thing to ask:
“How do I shoot with this thing”

This picture pretty much sums my experience with CS:GO at this point. The question of “How should I play this game?” is very important to me, and because I myself am a person who does not like to do stuff like matchmaking on games like this before I know I am very good at it, it will probably stay like that for awhile.

But because I got myself a FACEIT account, I probably should get better as a team-player and also become a better shot because, while it is fun to sometimes shoot at people who come from “the Federation right next door” I still find it’s a pleasant change to get a team who speaks English for once. Seriously Valve, in DOTA 2 and CSGO the fact that there are people in these games and their matchmaking systems who dont want to speak English kinda makes me nervous about the rumored Spy vs Engie matchmaking thing. I see enough CYKA BLYAT in TF2 even without matchmaking.

So anyway this is kinda short post because I don’t have that much to talk about as I still am very crap at Counter-Strike. But hopefully I can get somewhat better and make better content about it here in Daily SPUF. Anyway, this was Sham1 and this is the end of the post.

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