Medic does Competitive – 6v6 and 4v4 week 4

It gets better and better! Actually that’s a lie, but compared to last week, at least for 6v6, it was a huge improvement. 4v4… Not so much, but I guess at least we actually got to play.

Week 4 for 6v6 was alright. We had a team trying to get into Platinum (because UGC doesn’t have enough divisions for anyone but North America and just throws everyone else into a stupid pile, and because the season is only 8 weeks, there’s not enough time for proper matchmaking to happen) playing against a team getting their feet wet in a new format.

Of course, scheduling was a pain in the ass, we ended up playing on Thursday to accommodate for both teams. W0lk though had some awful luck, so after I had crappy luck trying to find a merc, Confusion brought in someone called Sentient Spaghetti to play roamer for us. The week’s match was Gullywash, a cramped, weird map with a middle point that Medics can’t stand on.

Although we lost 2-5, we didn’t do too badly, particularly against a much more experienced team. We tried to stick to a normal collection of classes, but Davjo was struggling with Demoman so he switched to Pyro, a move that actually worked reasonably well. It seems though that we can’t find anyone willing to play the class, because of everyone’s reliance on him. With Medic, at low levels, anyone can play him, but Demoman needs not only the positioning skills of a Medic, but the aim and prediction of a Scout and the jumping abilities of a Soldier.

Still, we had fun. Despite the lag. For some reason, most of our team had 100+ ping.

Also, I got a Medic pick. I managed to 120-ping Ubersaw their Medic to death. Didn’t help much since everyone else was dead and they were on last, but still, a Medic pick is a Medic pick. If only I had 8% more Uber, otherwise I could have done some spectacular Uber-blocking.

Pictured: The enemy team after I Ubersawed their Medic to death.
Pictured: The enemy team after I Ubersawed their Medic to death.

As for 4v4? We’d arranged to play on Sunday, so W0lk and Confusion would get to play.

Well, annoyingly, my computer decided that I couldn’t have internet for the day. Kept on cutting off every few minutes. Good thing I scheduled an article in advance. Turns out, because I was running my laptop on battery, my computer was turning off the wifi to save power. Despite me having turned that setting off ages ago.

But according to Sham, despite losing 0-4, they put up a hell of a fight, managing to capture a few times and actually hold their ground. The map though was damn awful, far too open to be able to hold or make a good push. I swear, it is a Versus Saxton Hale map. That’s what Dropdown was, and that’s probably what Artefact is too. Like a worse version of Lakeside. Same theme too. Nice looking map though.

I mean, seriously, why have a map where you can see the enemy spawn from the control point?

Week 5 will be more normal, with cp_Process for 6v6 and cp_warmfrost (an oxymoron of a map) for 4v4. Fun.


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