The Saxxies are back again…

The Saxxies have started once more.

Oh hey, it’s the Saxxies again. And thank heavens they’ve made things a bit easier this time around. Well, kinda.

There’s been a slight change in the rules. Short entries are still a minute long (otherwise they wouldn’t be short!) but the other categories have all been decreased to be 3 minutes long, down from 5 minutes. Anyone wishing to do a longer video has to enter in the Extended category, but the maximum is still 5 minutes. I can see why they’d lower this. Almost every entry last year pushed itself right up against that 5 minute mark, and reviewing a large amount of entries was tedious. Shorter entries means more people will sit through an entire video, which is a good thing for everyone.

It won’t just be TF2 stuff though. Every year the use of other Valve games increases, and to push this even further, Valve is allowing people to submit their Dota 2 film entries into the Saxxies. Hopefully we’ll see more Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead stuff. They always make a change.

The prizes though at the same. Winners get a Saxxy for use in game, so they can bludgeon and stab people with golden statues, and the overall winner gets flown to Seattle to see Valve personally and meet up with Valve’s own filmmakers.

So who will win? Will it be the same old movie-maker’s favourite class kicking ass, with either some comedic highlight or some dramatic undertone to justify their anger and allow them to submit to the comedy and drama sections? Or will it be genuinely good stuff? What I’ve seen so far is, as always, hit and miss, but there are always some really good early popular entries.

My favourite so far? This beauty.

Vote for that beauty here.

Pretty much sums up the Saxxies experience, especially in the early years. Not to mention how people bandwagon on any old shit. Will it win? I doubt it, but I do hope it at least gets to the last stage of anxiety, where we wait to see who Valve have picked.

Yeah, that’s right, Valve is picking the overall winners.

Here’s hoping they have a good sense of humor again and don’t go for the boring old class-is-angry-class-kills-things entries.

Voting ends on Monday 16th of November, so get your asses out there and start voting. Don’t let those pesky drama entries succeed!


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