CS:GO Betting

Most of you have probably heard of it already: Betting on CS:GO, “EZ skins EZ life”, but does it really seem that easy?

CS:GO Betting
Look at all these shiny skins, and the meme machine P250 Sand Dune you might have to resort to if you lose all your shiny toys.

First of all, betting does require luck most of the time, but it also require knowledge about the teams, how well they performed recently, as well as taking risks; All important factors when it comes to winning or losing a bet.

I started to deposit some skins (to be precise, 8 Field-Tested AK-47 Redlines, worth approximately 5 dollars each) onto CSGOLounge in hopes of making “ez money” to fund my needs for virtual hats in TF2.

I’ve done 5 bets, well, 4 regarding the major, on the first day of this years’ CS:GO major. The other bet was just a random sticker bet (~1.50 dollars) where I won a 5 dollar AWP from.

The first one was NiP vs. Flipsid3. A rather risky bet, as one of NiP’s players couldn’t attend due to their Visa being denied and their coach playing as a stand-in. I would have most likely skipped this one if it wasn’t for the fact that I already bet my skins before this information was known, and once bet you cannot retrieve your skins; You can only change the team you’ve bet on. I’ve decided to stick with NiP for this one.

The map was Cache, a map highly in favour of NiP, yet the game went into Overtime, but NiP luckily managed to win 19-17 in the end.


The second bet was probably rather upsetting: EnVyUs against CLG. Knowing the NA scene, and knowing EnVyUs’ past achievements, I thought this would be rather easy for them, even taking into account that EnVyUs has been doing rather poorly recently. “Maybe they are saving strats for the tournament”, I thought.

The map was Cobblestone. It looked pretty good at the beginning for EnVyUs, winning the first three rounds, but they seem to be overwhelmed rather quickly, finishing the first half only 8-7.

It wasn’t long until they eventually lost 8-16 against CLG, which also meant that I had lost 4 of my Redlines, which are worth approximately 20 dollars combined.


Being rather upset, I decided to sleep (as the following matches were past midnight for me) and decided to go all-in on 2 of the following matches. Na’Vi vs. Cloud9, betting 4 AKs on Na’Vi, and Virtus.Pro vs. G2, betting most of my winnings on VP.

Na’Vi seems to have won 16-9 against NA’s Cloud9 on Train, but the unexpected win was from VP against G2, at 16-1 on Train. I personally thought that VP vs. G2 would be very close, but supposedly they have been rolling them round-for-round.

In the end, despite the heavy loss, I still managed to make slight profit.

Betting Returns
Betting Returns on Lounge. That Covert AWP looks pretty over there.

Here’s some good advice for everyone who plans to bet though: If you can’t take a huge loss, don’t gamble in the first place. It’s for your own good.

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