Riveting Reviews of Randomness – a Daily SPUF contest

It’s that time again! Time for a Daily SPUF contest! With prizes and stuff!

Riveting Reviews of Randomness - A Daily SPUF Contest

In out other contests, the theme has always been Team Fortress 2. Which makes sense, since we’re a blog that mainly focuses on Team Fortress 2. This time round, we’re venturing away from our comfort zone. Far, far away from our comfort zone. So far away that we’re lurching into undiscovered terrain, like going to Frostflow Lighthouse at level 10 in Skyrim sort of undiscovered terrain. In Riveting Reviews of Randomness, your job is simple. Play a game that you have never even installed before and write a review about it. The longer you’ve owned the game (and not played it), the better.

The catch? Well I think I covered it all. You can’t have ever played the game before, (you might not have even installed it!) but you have to own it already – so no buying a game you want and reviewing that! You have to install and play the game for 1 hour minimum (enough to get a feel of the game – longer is better though), then write up a review of said game. If you have amazingly installed and played every single game you own, then you can do a review for a Free to Play game of your choice.

What your review contains is up to you. You can use a rating system out of ten, or rate it out of stars if you want, but as long as you finish the review with a recommendation on whether to get the game or not, we don’t mind. We’ll be looking out for objective reviews, reviews for little-known games and dedication to detail. There’s bonus points if you add video and images to your review.

I rate that explosion 10/10!
I rate that explosion 10/10! What do you think, Odahviing?

The Rules:

  1. Your review must be on a game you have never played before.
  2. Your review must be more than 500 words. There is no maximum limit.
  3. Your review must contain at least 2 images, or 1 video, made by you.
  4. You must have played the game you are reviewing for more than 1 hour.
  5. The game you are reviewing may be free to play if you have already played every game you own or you really, really don’t want to review a new game. The first rule still applies.
  6. Your review must have a recommendation at the end on whether others should buy the game or not.
  7. Your review must contain the tag “Riveting Random Review”.
  8. You may enter more than one entry, but you cannot win more than one prize.
  9. All entries must be submitted on the Daily SPUF and marked as Pending Review before May 31st 2016.
  10. You agree that your entry will be published on the Daily SPUF, from June 1st onwards, and that we may edit or alter your entry to meet article standards.
  11. Entries will be judged by aabicus and myself.

The Prizes:

There will be three main winners and, if there are lots of entries, there will be three runners up.

  • First place gets 3 games from my pile of random gift codes.
  • Second place gets 2 games from my pile of random gift codes.
  • Third place gets 1 game from my pile of random gift codes.

All winners, plus the three runners up (if applicable) will also win an article of their choice written by aabicus or myself. Winners will be informed of what the games are when they are chosen, and first place will have the first pick of games.

If you’re stuck, check out the How to Contribute page for more information on writing and submitting articles.

Alright everyone, that should cover everything. Get writing everyone, and good luck!

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Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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