Building a new friend for Volt Prime

In Warfame, you’re just some person with a collection of scary, metal suits. But in my head, each suit is actually an individual character with their own personalities, which you may have spotted in some of my recent Warframe fan fictions. Of course, the sort of person that I am, I realised that while my beloved Volt has a buddy in Frost, my precious Volt Prime has no friends at all. I needed Frost Prime.

Problem is, Frost Prime is pretty rare. He was ‘vaulted’ (i.e. retired) a long time ago. Then December 2016 came along and Frost Prime, alongside way-better-looking-than-her-normal-version Ember Prime left the vault and were finally obtainable via four new relics. The relics are scattered around, and top tier Warframe pros quickly found the best places to get all the relics.

My last two attempts to get something from specific relics though had unfortunately not gone very well. In trying to get the most common part for my Paris Prime, I used four relics. In my attempts to get the last few bits of Soma Prime, I’d used all my relics, and only managed to get the blueprint by accident while looking for something else. To put it lightly, I wasn’t feeling confident.

Amazingly, my luck was pretty good with the first two items, both in finding their relics and getting the required parts from said relics. I managed to get the Frost Prime Systems out of my very first relic. The Frost Prime Neuroptics was also amazingly easy, only taking two relics. Both of these were uncommon parts, so I was surprised at how easily I got them.

Just staring at my foundry while I build my Frost Prime parts
Just staring at my foundry while I build my Frost Prime parts

The Chassis though was proving to be a bit of a pain. I opened five relics and still failed to get the most common part. Eventually, I traded for it, trading a bunch of Prime parts I didn’t really want (mostly duplicates). I probably overpaid for it, but that didn’t matter. A day later, I managed to find three of them, and sold them all for platinum. Which is nice.

The hardest part though was the Frost Prime Blueprint. It’s the rarest item in the Meso F2 relic, which I had none of. Knowing how rare this part was, I decided I needed to stock up on these relics. Apparently the best place to get them was a defense mission on Jupiter called Io. After about half an hour, I got two relics, refined them, used them and got nothing. Then other people invited me to try and get the blueprint from their relics, and we got fuck all.

Running around on Io, Jupiter. I.e. the Cheeto Dust World.
Running around on Io, Jupiter. I.e. the Cheeto Dust World.

Realising just how many relics I’d need, I headed back to Io to farm for them. After five hours of farming, I ended up with a grand total of zero Meso F2 Relics. Five hours, four of which had been with the same squad. I ended up with so many non-F2 relics and a lot of Oxium, but still. After an hour’s break, I then went to Helene, Saturn, which apparently has an equal chance of getting said F2 relic, and got two in five minutes.

In my excitement, I once again refined them, made them radiant and joined a party of like-minded people… We all got the most common items.

I went back to farming. I needed more relics and I just wasn’t finding any.

Finally, after my 10th Meso F2 relic, I got that damn blueprint. I rushed back to my ship, sprinted to my foundry and started building Frost Prime.

Yes, I do want to build Frost Prime

Now to wait three days for him to finish building.

Only to discover that he’s almost identical to normal Frost…


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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