Overwatch, a few tips to new players

This article, as the title implies is going to be more of a guide than an article. If you feel like you already know how to play Overwatch really well than you may not need to read this.

1. Bastion (or whoever) is not overpowered.

Mei and Roadhog
Learn what counters what.

This is something I feel new players in Overwatch complain about for the same reason TF2 players complain about things like Phlog Pyros. Bastion for example is really good against uncoordinated, disorganized and generally newbie teams but is bad against experienced players. Mei is a total bitch and Roadhog’s hook is awful. But sometimes there are other reasons why you’re being killed.

  • Get better general map awareness. Know the spots Bastions like to sit in, know the spots where Torbjorns hide and where Symmetras place their turrets.
  • Flank. When in turret form, Bastion has a little blue box you can shoot for double damage; characters like Tracer have little health but can abuse getting the drop on enemies and supports like Mercy are weak when they are distracted by healing others.
  • Communication and Listening. If you see a Bastion, tell your team where he is. If you see a Pharah ulting, tell your team to look up. If you hear a Mercy speak German, then they just rezzed their team and you should inform yours.

2. Know when to switch characters.

You can’t play Hanzo all the time…

A lot of people come into Overwatch with the idea of maining a character. While having a favorite character you enjoy a lot is not a bad thing, not switching at the right time can lose you the game easily. To really oversimplify it, its kinda like playing rock paper scissors and maining rock, although however it gets more complex.

  • Look not only at the enemy team but your own when switching characters, lets say you want to play Pharah, but the enemy team has a Widowmaker hiding behind a Torbjorn turret shutting you down every time you’re in the air. Normally this would be the time to switch, however look at your own team; if you have a friendly Reinhardt stay behind his shield. And rather than bombing the sniper or turret solo, ask a friendly Tracer or Genji to focus the Widowmaker more. If your team has no one fixing the problem than read the next tip
  • Know when it is time for you to switch. Your team can’t do everything, there is going to be times when you have to make the choice to play what your team needs. It doesn’t matter if you picked Genji, first if your team is getting crushed when there is no tank to block damage, or no support to keep everyone alive.

3. Communicate, and use teamwork

Teamwork and Supports
You need to work together!

Overwatch is a team game at its core, you can accomplish way more with your team backing you up than solo, especially when using ultimates. A Pharah who normally gets shot out of the sky when raining justice from above will live if a friendly Zarya shields her while doing so; a team that would normally get wiped by a Death Blossom will live if they let their D.Va know to delete all his bullets.

  • Press Z when your ultimate is ready, this lets your team know you have your ult so they can plan around it, likewise make sure you keep track of your team mates ultimates, especially Zarya who has an insane ultimate for combo-ing.
  • Use the in game voice chat. If you don’t, the voice command wheel you get from pressing C gives a good amount of information, the group up command works wonders.
  • Don’t rush in one at a time, in TF2 the game has spawn waves, in Overwatch its a set spawn timer. If you spawn but your entire team is dead wait for a few seconds to push together rather than letting the enemy team pick you off one by one.
  • Don’t let a bad game get to you, this goes for any game but you’re going to have frustrating games where your team had two useless Widowmakers, to be honest I suggest just rating the match negative and re-queuing after. But don’t let this get you down the next game and don’t be rude in chat to try and get your way; it almost never works.
  • Try to play with friends. I know not everyone can do this but Overwatch is definitely more fun when you can get a full 6 man group together, it makes communication that much easier and it lets you do so many more interesting strategies.

If you already knew all of this, congratulationsm I guarantee you will be a better team player than the vast majority of people out there. I look forward to playing the game with any of you.

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