Super Shiny Warframe Guns

There are two big things in Warframe – getting lots of guns and loot, and making yourself and your guns look fabulous. To aid in both, there are a handful of special weapons that crop up every so often, styled after various aspects of Warframe, one of which was released in the Ambulas Reborn event.

The weapon in question is the Supra Vandal. It’s a shiny version of the Supra, with extra ammo. Extra shiny weapons always tend to have a very slight buff, or perhaps a buff to one stat and a nerf to another. The Supra Vandal is a bullet hose with a clip size of 300 and pretty Heavy Weapons Guy-y.

Equinox with a Supra vandal
“Waaaaahhhhh! Uwaaaaaaah! Ahahahahaha! Cry some more!”

But there are other shiny weapons too. They come with various prefixes to describe what they are. Wraith weapons (e.g. the Karak Wraith and the Ignis Wraith) are Grineer weapons, with a black and red (and occasionally a tertiary colour) styling. Wraith weapons can’t be recoloured, apart from their energy colour, which affects particle effects on the weapons.

Vandal weapons, like the aforementioned Supra Vandal and my former favourite, the Quanta Vandal, are Corpus-inspired weapons that are shiny like Prisma weapons, focusing on greys and turqouises, but with lighter colours and more ‘square’ patterns on them.

Prisma weapons (and cosmetics) are supposedly relics from the Void, and by default they have a metallic blue, green and shiny look to them, as well as often having a cloud-like effect on them. Prisma weapons can be recoloured but because everything is metallic, things can look weird. Some cosmetics, like the Prisma Liset skin for the player’s spaceship, don’t recolour completely. Prisma weapons can be both Grineer, Corpus or even Tenno weapons.

Prime weapons are technically reskins as well, but these generally have more model changes, as well as lots of extra white and gold thrown on. Prime weapons are almost always straight buffs to their non-Primed counterparts and feature extra polarities and things like that. Most Prime weapons are Tenno-made weapons.

Mutalist weapons don’t count because they’re not reskins, they’re generally completely different weapons. The Cernos is a standard bow. The Mutalist Cernos is a bow that creates a gigantic fart cloud of death on impact. Oh and it looks completely different. Mutalist weapons are not reskins.

Yes, I made my Mag match my Quanta Vandal.
Yes, I made my Mag match my Quanta Vandal.

Now, out of the first three, only Prisma weapons can be re-coloured. That was, until the Supra Vandal came out and became the first of the Vandal series that can be recoloured as well. Needless to say, the Supra Vandal looks absolutely amazing when given some different colours, and my one currently looks like a giant, cartoony block of gold. That fires energy bullets. Lots and lots of energy bullets. But for some reason, it seems as though Digital Extremes won’t be making other Vandal weapons colourable. Or Wraith ones.

It’s a shame, to be honest. Vandal weapons are very shiny, and Wraith weapons have really nice patterns on them. But the fact that you’re limited to green and grey or red and black well, it limits you.

Ember looks fine in red and black. Other characters just look like knock-off Stalkers.
Ember looks fine in red and black. Other characters just look like knock-off Stalkers.

Okay, normally that’s not a big thing. It’s just a weapon you use in a mission. But for people who like everything to match, it’s awkward carrying around, for example, a red and black Ignis while everything else is yellow and blue. It’s a completionist thing. And it’s an ease thing. I like all my stuff to match my normal colour scheme, I don’t want to have to change my whole look to match my Ignis Wraith, because I can’t make it match the rest of me.

But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that not being able to colour these weapons goes against all the other things you can colour. You can colour your Warframe, your weapons, your sentinels, your cats and dogs and weird alien monster things, your Operator, your Operator’s suit, your ship’s interior, your ship’s exterior and your clan’s dojos (although that last one is the most tedious thing ever…) so why can’t I make my damn Ignis Wraith yellow with blue bits?

I know it’s picky, but if the Supra Vandal can be colourable, why can’t my other Vandal and Wraith weapons be colourable?

The Prisma weapons can be recoloured, so why not?
The Prisma weapons can be recoloured, so why not?


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