Medic Rambles On About How Warframe Bosses Can Be Killed Multiple Times

Warframe, like most games with multiple players fighting against AI enemies, has bosses that just do not seem to want to die. You have to kill a lot of them at least three times minimum in order to get Warframe part blueprints out of them. Where the heck are they getting these blueprints from anyway? That’s kinda besides the point though. Anyway, how DO all these enemies come back from the grave?

We’ll start with the Infested. There’s three main Infested bosses – Phoroid, who is fought in Infested Invasions, should they take over a boss node; Lephiantis and the Jordas Golem. Luckily, these are all really easy to solve on how they keep on coming back, because the Infested faction in general is a massive mass of flesh that keeps on pumping out new Infested. Phoroid in particular. Lephiantis, despite its size, is easily big enough to make a new version of every time one dies since you just mash a load of infested bits up and there you go, new infested things. The Jordas Golem is a little harder to explain since he talks to you and Ordis every time you do the fight. But it’s two insane Cephalons, and I’m pretty sure if the Infested can infect an AI computer system and convert robotics into flesh, then they can easily do the same with Jordas. Alright, Ordis gets confused every time as well but he’s insane too. Unlucky Jordas though is stuck in an eternal loop of agony. Poor thing.

Up next we have the other really obvious ones. The Raptors, the Hyena Pack, the Jackal and Ambulas are all machines. Yes, we destroy their prototypes and factories every single time, but the Corpus elite are probably rich enough and dumb enough to create more and more factories and replace every ship, machine and robot the Tenno destroy. Heck, they’re probably also rich and dumb enough to keep on rebuilding the Animus project and pissing off Ergo Glast, even though he gets us to destroy their ships every time. Plus they probably keep good backups.

When you’re mega rich and have a never ending supply of specially bred, poor as heck workers brainwashed into dying for you, you can get away with that sort of thing.

Speaking of specially bred people, the Grineer are specially bred. They’re all actually clones. A boss like Lech Kril could easily be replaced with some other clone, given the same name and a giant hammer and told to hit people and kill things. The same goes for the mini-bosses of Rathuum, they could just be specially cloned Grineer. There’s a lot of Grineer bosses though that appear to be much smarter than that. Kela De’Thayme and Sargus Ruk are high-ranking Grineer leaders. Tyl Regor in particular is a mad scientist who has been trying to improve cloning for years. Surely they should be killed and stay dead?

Well, maybe not.

Thing is though, the clue is in the name. They’re clones. The Twin Queens probably have shelves of tubes containing the DNA of their best soldiers and just make new ones every time they piss off a group of Tenno. The Grineer might not have high amounts of access to Continuity, the system the Twin Queens use to keep themselves young but surely they’ve got backups, just in case. And honestly why did the Queens go through all that hassle of trying to capture a Tenno when it’s clear from the Glast Gambit that there’s plenty of kids they could use for Continuity?

Imagine Tyl Regor waking up one morning, looking forward to doing some vivisections (BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT A LIVE DISSECTION IS CALLED, NUMBNUTS), being annihilated by a bunch of awkward teenagers then waking up the next day in bed, completely unaware that he’d died.

Captain Vor

Captain Vor is an outlier here. He has access to Void and Orokin technologies. You can kill him repeatedly. You actually have to kill him several times – once in the tutorial mission, Vor’s Prize, once on Mercury and once again on Ceres. He’s also an optional mini-boss in the Void as Corrupted Vor, and he has a long, drawn out speech about being pure energy now and being unkillable. Every time you do, he’ll reform the next (high level) Void mission you go to. Even before he enters the Void and becomes Corrupted Vor, I’m pretty certain that key is bringing him back to life and scrambling with his memories. For all we know, he’s going through multiple Groundhog Days at once.

Even Stalker, the Gustrag Three and the Zanuka Hunter can be explained. The Gustrag Three are clones, ones who have done a LOT of work to themselves and are more machine than Grineer. There’s probably a warehouse on Ceres full of them. Same goes for the Zanuka Hunter – Like other Corpus robots, they probably just build more all the time. They may be made from empty Warframes, but since Warframes are half metal, half infested tissue, the Corpus probably improvise a lot of the time anyway. Stalker works a lot like a Warframe, so it’s quite possible he has a Tenno hiding away somewhere himself and just rebuilds and repairs defeated Stalker Warframes.

A stiff breeze can kill the Sergeant. Even his Sortie variant.
A stiff breeze can kill the Sergeant. Even his Sortie variant.

The remaining characters are Corpus blokes. But the Sergeant, the boss on Phobos, is just like Lech Kril. He’s no one special. Heck, considering how easy he goes down, he might just be fucking with us and sending random Corpus blokes out in his attire, leaving them to be blown to bits by a passing Warframe.

The only real pain in the ass is Alad V. You fight him twice and he appears in the Second Dream quest. The first time you fight him, he has built his Zanuka pet. The Zanuka is easy to explain, but Alad V respawning isn’t. Unless he has some sort of cloning tech, then clearly he’s just magic. The second time you see him is during the Second Dream, where he thanks you for curing his infested self. But you don’t actually FIGHT this mutated version, dubbed Mutalist Alad V, until you’ve unlocked Eris. And you don’t actually cure him in this fight, you just kill him. Turns out, curing Alad V happened in a one-off event a few years back.

It’s totally possible that the Infested have a copy of Alad V, same way they do with the Jordas Golem, but that doesn’t explain normal Alad V. The only thing I can think of for Alad V is that he’s a clone as well. Or he perfected Continuity. Or maybe he has a deal with Captain Vor.

I don’t know.

Alad V is a dick though, so I’m happy to keep on killing him to find out how he comes back.


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