Some More Little Things I’d Like in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great little game, but there’s always things that could be done better. Here are six little things, just small tweaks, that I’d like to see in Pokemon Go.

The Chance to Find Evolved Shinies in the Wild

Did you know you can’t actually find evolved Pokemon as shinies in the wild? Unless specifically mentioned for Raids (e.g. Shiny Gengar, Shiny Raichu), or in specific events (the one day Shiny Nidoqueen that appeared for World Women Day), if you see an evolved Pokemon in the wild, it won’t be a shiny. Which frankly I don’t know why that’s a thing. It’s rare enough finding shinies and it’s also pretty rare to find evolutions in the wild. The chances of finding a shiny evolved Pokemon would be insane, but come on, most of Pokemon Go is a lottery when it comes to Pokemon spawns in general, so why not have a chance to find shiny evolved Pokemon?

More Space for Names and Easier Recognition

15 characters isn’t enough. Heck, 18 characters isn’t enough. Heck, chances are, 20 characters might not be enough either. A lot of people want to stick the IVs of their Pokemon in their Pokemon’s names, while others just want to give their Pokemon longer names. Or maybe (as I mentioned in my other article), they just want to know what Pokemon has what attack. The reason my Mewtwos all have retarded names is because otherwise I have no idea what attacks they have. But a few more characters would go a long way.

A Baby League for Baby Pokemon

The Great League, featuring Pokemon with a CP of less than 1500, is nice and all, but it still misses out on a HUGE number of Pokemon. I mean, why the hell would you use a 300 CP Squirtle when other people can use Pokemon with literally five times the combat power? It doesn’t even work well with the NPC team leaders. What is Spark and his Magnemite going to do to my CP1200 Suicine, and what is fair about me pitting my CP1459 Raikou against some poor bastard’s Bulbasaur? There should be a Little League for Pokemon at 500CP or under, so you can actually use a Pikachu or a Charmander or whatever in your Pokemon battles. Closer to both the games and the TV shows, don’t you think?

Plus, it’ll give people a reason to use their horribly low CP Pokemon they’ve found in the wild, and allows new players to try battling. Sure, some asshole will probably evolve a Tyranitar or something, but people like that are few and far between.

More Research Tasks with Better Rewards

I’ll be honest, one excellent throw for one Pinap berry doesn’t really feel worth it. I could spin a Pokestop for that. Catch 10 Pokemon for 200 stardust? I can get 200 stardust for catching 2 Pokemon. There are a lot of research tasks like this just just don’t feel worth doing. But on top of that, some tasks, like “make 3 great throws in a row” are worth doing IF it guarantees an encounter. Most people I know won’t even bother with mediocre tasks that reward some berries or Pokeballs unless they really need them (e.g. the research tasks doing the Community Weekend 3-hour event) and honestly? They’re not really that good for newbies either!

I think the easiest thing for this would be to just up the rewards a little. One excellent throw for one Pinap is shit. But one excellent throw for a couple of Silver Pinaps? That sounds alright.

My point is, the rewards should be slightly better than the rewards from spinning a Pokestop.

More Variation in Level 5 Raid Bosses

Level 5 Raids are generally pretty boring. There’s one boss and that’s it. Outside of events, you are guaranteed to know what a level 5 raid is even though it won’t hatch in an hour or so. Most of December had Cresselia. Most of November had Giratina. Most of October had Mewtwo.

It’s kinda boring, isn’t it? With other raids, you can at least have a bit of fun guessing what Pokemon it will be. Surely even just having two legendaries in the raid pool would be better? Or even just throw Meltan into level 5 raids with a really low chance, just to remove some of the awkward predictability of these high tier raids.

More Information in General

I’d just like information that’s easier to access. Like, what’s the IV of the Pokemon I caught? What moves can it have? What is it weak to? Why is this game recommending that I use Blastoise in a Lugia raid? Where IS that Trapinch that appeared on my radar? Is this person I’m trying to battle offline or online? Are there any nearby players to help me do a raid? WHERE IS THAT DAMN TRAPINCH? WHERE ARE ANY OF THE POKEMON HIDING IN THE WILD?

There’s so much information that is awkwardly obscured in some way. Honestly the radar is the biggest offender, I so rarely actually find Pokemon who are “in the wild” via the radar. I don’t want everything to be obvious (mostly because there’s something amazing about nerds working together to find every secret) but there’s plenty of stuff that should be available in some way.


Good Ol'Sparky, telling me how good or bad my Pokemon is.
Cheers, Spark.


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