On Being Mastery Rank 26

Mastery Rank 26, Silver Sage, is currently the highest accessible Mastery Rank in the game, with there not being enough weapons, Warframes and other items to level up to be able to reach Mastery Rank 27. Somehow, I managed to reach Mastery Rank 26. I did so in just under 2500 hours, according to Steam, but really it was far less, since those 2500 hours include the time I’ve spent idling in Fortuna 69, trading in my dojo, answering questions in Region Chat and, uh, updating the game. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent at least 20 hours alone updating the game for the larger updates.

The actual test was pretty easy though. It was identical to the MR23 test, where you have to run around chasing and capturing control points that move around like bastards, except for the fact that the MR26 ones move up walls and the Grineer are a slightly higher level. Luckily though, you can do the test very easily by spending all your time invisible. The Grineer don’t care if they can’t see you. Loki though is definitely better than Ivara, because you do want some speed. You could totally do this test with any frame though, but frames like Volt, Nezha and Saryn are all good because they run faster.

Mastery Rank 26! Yay!
Mastery Rank 26! Yay!

I managed to do that test on my first try. I also managed to do the MR25 test on my proper first try as well.

But wait, you might remember me saying “I don’t want to be a Sage, I want to be a Gold Dragon forever!” Yes, I did say that. I’d practice the MR25 test a grand total of once to see what it was. The only reason I did it was because I was in a relay and someone said “Is anyone else having trouble trying to do Mastery Rank tests with Simaris?” Like the twat I am, I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally pressed the Qualify button rather than the Practice button. But because I’m also a stubborn fool, I also refused to quit the test. Turns out the MR25 test is pretty easy if you just grab a melee weapon with massive range.

It turned out though, that after doing the MR25 test, I was already 3/4 of the way towards MR26. In fact, I only needed about 8 weapons and a Warframe to get there, many of which I already had, waiting to be leveled. I didn’t see any reason to sit around at MR25 when I could be MR26.

What are the benefits though? Well, starting off with 26 capacity on any new weapon or Warframe is nice. It’s especially nice while forma-ing a weapon. I’ve been forma-ing the Paracesis to get it to level 40 and after the second Forma, I didn’t actually have to lose any mods or anything. The extra standing for syndicates is also very nice.

But now I’m MR26, people kinda expect more from me. Or maybe I expect more from myself. Just the other day, for example, I was trying to do the last mission of a Sortie, an Ambulas assassination with Elemental Resistance. That always sucks ass because Ambulas is weakest to Radiation and elemental resistance means you can’t do much damage to any of the 7-8 Ambulas you have to fight. First time round, I didn’t read what the sortie condition was so we lost, but I was literally doing no damage anyway. I was shooting at Ambulas, point blank, and no damage numbers popped up. Maybe I desynced or something. I tried the mission again, lost a ton of time because of a host migration (30 seconds in a 1:30 timed fight is not good) then realised I still hadn’t read the sortie condition and was still doing hardly any damage. I let down two squads, and only realised on my third attempt that I could just use my normal Valkyr build that I always use for Ambulas.

Although frankly some of those failed Ambulas weren’t on me. Some people really should leave the hacking if they can’t do it properly. Three times they failed the hack and the Ambulases got up again!

So yeah, I felt like a massive idiot.

Maybe it’s just me being harsh on myself, but I should know better and I should have the gear to be able to deal with Ambulas, even with elemental resistances. Kinda makes me look dumb when I’m not pulling my weight in a sortie or whatever.

On the other hand, I’ve managed to get to Mastery Rank 26, while also being a bit of an idiot. Which is pretty impressive considering how shit I am at games.

Now to start working towards MR27, even if it’s not quite accessible yet. Sadly, a lot of the stuff I need are… Amps and Archwing weapons… Ugh…


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