So Many Pokemon and Nowhere to Show Off

In my six months of playing Pokemon Go, I’ve managed to catch some very nice Pokemon. Just the other day, I managed to catch my third Pokemon with perfect IVs, a Groudon with Mud Slap and Solar Blast, and I also managed to catch a shiny Shuppet and a shiny Kyogre. And then there’s my shiny Feebas, which I am in the process of walking so I can evolve it into a Milotic.

Shiny Feebas!
Shiny Feebas!

I’ve come across a little problem though. It’s a stupid problem but it’s a problem nonetheless.

There’s no real way to show my Pokemon off.

The only real way to show off a Pokemon right now is to walk it as your buddy, which people on your friends list can see. As I mentioned earlier, I’m walking a shiny Feebas, which was pretty hard to obtain during the event. I mean, the chances of getting one were about the same as a community day (1/25 unless you’re in Europe…) but because it was so much harder to get a Feebas in the first place, it meant you couldn’t obtain as many Feebases as you normally would on a community day.

But the thing is, only people I am friends with will ever see Blurple the Shiny Feebas. And how many people actually look at the friends list in detail? You only really see it if you do one of three things: challenge a player to battle, do a trade with them or deal with gifts, and even out of those three, it’s just a quick look.

On top of that, you only ever really deal with one Pokemon at a time. You can only walk one Pokemon and it’s only ever visible on your profile page. What if you want multiple Pokemon to show off?

I mean, you COULD use Pokemon parties, especially since we have more available now (to account for each of the new PvP leagues) but even then, PvP parties only have 3 Pokemon and Raid parties only have 6, and normally people are using them for Tyranitars and other useful stuff, rather than things you want to show off. Because let’s be fair, there isn’t much use for a 100% Pikachu with a Santa hat on.

You can’t even really show off in raids. Depending on what you’re fighting, most of the time you can’t even see what’s behind the boss, and half the time everyone else is using a Tyranitar or 6 anyway. Sure, I have a shiny Feebas but there’s not much space for me to fit a Milotic in a Kyogre raid.

The only real place you can show off is in a gym. Then, maybe, if you’re lucky, someone will feed your Pokemon a berry and see who it belongs to. Or it will be brutally murdered by an army of Team Mystic alt-accounts who don’t give a shit about what Pokemon you’re using and showing off.

Even just going to your Pokemon and scrolling through them isn’t always easy. I mean, some people have tons of high level stuff. If you look at my Pokemon, you have to scroll through a bunch of Moltreses and various fire types before you see anything particularly cool, and sorting by name will just show you Aerodactyls and similar Pokemon.

So yeah, I really think we need a place to show off Pokemon. Something that’s one or two taps away, quickly accessible to anyone that asks. Heck, give us something like the Hall of Fame from the original Pokemon games. A section to show off could so easily be monetized as well, by adding more show-off slots, backgrounds, decorations, that sort of thing.

Because darn it, I want more people to see Blurple the Shiny Feebas!


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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