Looking at Warframe’s Milestone Weapons

With Warframe’s milestone login system, you get a little reward every time you sign in, with bigger rewards every 50 and 100 days. On your 100th, 300th, 500th and 700th logins, you get a choice of one of four weapons: the Azima, the Zenistar, the Zenith or the Sigma and Octanis. Considering you get one of these weapons every 200 days, it can be pretty hard deciding which one to choose.

You can get your first special weapon on your 100th login, with a choice between the Azima, the Zenistar or the Zenith. The Sigma and Octanis becomes available from the 300th login. Which ever ones you don’t pick are available to pick at the next milestone. Whatever you pick, the weapon comes with a weapon slot and an Orokin Catalyst already installed.

Chroma with the Azima and the Lodestar Syandana
Chroma with the Azima and the Lodestar Syandana

The Azima, which was the original 100 day milestone, is a simple automatic pistol. It’s got pretty average stats but the Azima’s main gimmick is the ability to eject your magazine and fire a little disc that will spin around and spray bullets. Honestly, the spray of bullets isn’t that impressive, but with a Riven, the Azima can shine, and should you ever get the infinite ammo corruption buff in a Fissure mission, the Azima is hilarious.

The Zenistar is by far the most powerful of the milestone weapons and frankly, it’s the one I recommend picking first. While the Zenistar’s stats aren’t amazing, the Zenistar’s power comes from the disc thrown when you do a charged attack. Charged/Heavy attacks (by holding E with the Zenistar as your active weapon) will throw out the Zenistar’s main disc. The disc will hover in the air and radiate flames which damage any enemies that come too close, although the flames do not damage through walls. This makes the Zenistar ideal for crowd control around an objective such as a Mobile Defense console or while you hack consoles in rescue missions.

For crowd control, Corrosive and Blast work well, but for pure damage, a Gas build can be impressively strong. While the disc is out, the Zenistar’s damage also changes, from pure elemental to elemental and Slash damage. You also gain bonus attack speed, meaning you can hit more things.

The Zenith is an automatic rifle that, like its two counterparts, has an alternate fire that shoots a disc. Unlike the Zenistar and Azima though, the Zenith’s disc acts like x-ray vision and will mark enemies’ heads through walls. When the Zenith’s disc is out, the Zenith switches from automatic to semi-automatic and gains infinite punch-through. Yes, with the Zenith, you can literally shoot through walls. The downside to this is that the Zenith’s semi-automatic fire rate is incredibly slow and consumes 5 ammo per shot. The head markers can also be unreliable on enemies with weird postures, like the overly hunched Hyekka Master.

Still, infinite punch-through is bloody amazing and the semi-automatic mode has an insanely high critical chance while the automatic mode can easily reach 100% status, meaning there’s multiple ways to build the Zenith. The Zenith is definitely my second pick after the Zenistar.

The Sigma and Octanis is… honestly not very interesting. It’s a sword and shield combo with the ability to throw the shield at enemies with an aerial attack. The thrown shield will stagger an enemy and open them up to finishers. While the Sigma and Octanis does have mainly slash damage and is the fastest sword and shield in the game, it’s not particularly special. The damage is good but there are plenty of other melee weapons that are just as good. In my opinion, unless you don’t like automatic pistols, I’d leave the Sigma and Octanis until last.

Chroma with the Azima and the Sigma and Octanis
Chroma with the Azima and the Sigma and Octanis

So, ideally, you want to take the Zenistar first, then the Zenith, then the Azima or the Sigma and Octanis, depending on your preferences.

Whatever you do though, do not sell these weapons, even if you don’t like them. If you do, you can’t get them back. Sure, Warframe Support MIGHT help you out, but they tend to limit deleted item restoration.

Really though, why would you delete these items? Because, even if you don’t like the weapons, they LOOK really cool. And in Warframe, looking cool is almost as important as playing the game.


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