Fun Cheap Weapons to get Cheap Rivens For

Riven Mods can be daunting and scary and people will often say “I just want a riven for the meta weapons! I don’t care about anything else!” That’s certainly true when it comes to trading and trying to make a profit on selling riven mods, and it’s probably true as well when you finally complete that riven challenge, only to get something for a weapon you either don’t like or don’t have.

But you shouldn’t be dissuaded. There’s plenty of weapons that can benefit from a riven, even if they’re not the super meta super OP weapons everyone wants. Here’s several fun weapons that a riven can make even more fun.

A Rattleguts Kitgun
A Rattleguts Kitgun

Ack and Brunt

The Ack and Brunt are the weapons of Tyl Regor and they are a pretty nifty sword and shield combo with the unique ability to absorb elemental attacks to make your own attacks stronger. This means that the Ack and Brunt works really nicely with Condition Overload, which gives +60% more damage for each element on a weapon. A riven for the Ack and Brunt means more elemental damage, or alternatively buffs the areas where the Ack and Brunt are weak, for example its slow attack speed and average range.


The Furis doesn’t have much of a place in higher level content, but with the Winds of Purity augment, you can get yourself a handy little gun that restores a percentage of damage dealt as health. A riven mod can only improve this further, although a riven won’t do much for Furis’s more mediocre stats…

Scourge – Javlok – Ferrox

The spear-gun weapons are underrated. While I’m not a fan of throwing my weapons at people, the three spear-guns are all fun to use.


The Ninkondi are probably one of the more ninja-y weapons out there, a pair of super fast nunchucks. Like, insanely fast. And secretly actually quite strong as well. Like the Ack and Brunt, the Ninkondi are amazing when used with Condition Overload, and a riven mod can fix the problem of the Ninkondi’s short range with ease.

Ash Prime with a Zaw
Ash Prime with a Zaw

‘Lesser’ Zaws

Sure, the Plague Kripath is the undisputed king of Zaw weapons, but honestly? ALL the Zaw parts are good and a riven for any Zaw will make said Zaw better. But a Zaw is basically 2-3 weapon types in one. No matter how you build your Zaw, you can still use your Zaw riven. A Dehtat Zaw for example could be a polearm or a staff and your riven will work on both. Zaws also have pretty good base stats when built with the right links, so no matter what Zaw part you get, you can make something nice. The only downsides to Zaws? They need to be gilded if you want to add Orokin Catalysts or Forma to them.

Literally any Kitgun apart from the Beam One

Kitgun rivens are the best. There’s a 3/4 chance that you’ll get a good riven from a veiled Kitgun riven and honestly, even though I just said that the Gaze, the beam kitgun part, is mediocre, you could still probably build something usable from it. The Catchmoon, basically a mini Arca Plasmor, is the best Kitgun part but Rattleguts (think Grakata) and Tombfinger (high damage single shots) are both really good as well.

Bonus Weapon – Harpak

The Harpak sounds like an odd choice. It’s a very bog-standard burst-fire rifle weapon that looks really damn ugly, but I’ve had a +250% damage riven on the Harpak since rivens came out and frankly, with just the riven a couple of Forma, the Harpak readily takes down level 100 enemies. Frankly, sticking +200% damage on most weapons will make them good.

Of course, that’s where the hard part comes in. Rivens aren’t guaranteed to appear with good stats. You need Kuva to reroll your riven mods. Luckily, Kuva Survival is hot right now, so it’s worth popping by the Kuva Fortress and grabbing some while public matchmaking is good.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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