More Things You Should NOT Take in Radiation Hazard and Radiation Elemental Enhancement Missions

In light of a recent Radiation Hazard Survival, and since everyone’s doing Sorties today because of the weekly elite challenges for Nightwave, I think it’s worth looking at a bunch of other things you REALLY shouldn’t take into Radiation Hazard and Radiation Elemental Enhancement missions.

A quick thing though, there is a difference between Radiation Hazard and Radiation Elemental Enhancement. Radiation Hazard missions spawn big green clouds throughout missions that give you Radiation damage if you walk through them. You can avoid them completely with an Operator’s Void Mode. Radiation Elemental Enhancement means that all enemies have resistance to elemental damage and have a chance to infect you with Radiation when they shoot you. Really, Radiation Hazards are the easier of the two sortie conditions, because at least the enemies don’t have any other buffs and are prone to becoming irradiated as well.

Anyway, back to things that don’t belong in Radiation sorties.

Exalted Blade Excalibur

Did you know that Exalted Blade’s waves of death go through enemies? Well they do. They basically have infinite punch-through until they hit a wall, damaging everything in their path. You know what else they’ll pass through, should an Excalibur become irradiated? You.

Excalibur Umbra without an Operator

Excalibur Umbra has no chill at all. All he wants to do is maim and slaughter and murder and scream at things. And he doesn’t care if you helped settle his mind and calm his pain if he gets irradiated. He’ll maim, slaughter and murder his way through you.

Discharge Volt

Most Volts these days build for one of two things: Speed or Discharge. Speed Volts are relatively harmless aside from making you run into doors, but Discharge Volts can nuke rooms in seconds. More importantly, electricity from Discharge can jump from enemy to enemy, meaning that even if you or the Volt don’t get irradiated in Volt’s initial cast, there’s still a chance that electricity will get you!


Specters don’t know what radiation is. They also don’t know how to dodge and will happily walk through clouds of radioactive gas as they look for things to shoot. If they get irradiated, they will happily shoot you and the Operative you are trying to protect or rescue. And because Specters scale with mission level, they can also be pretty scary to deal with. An additional tip: NEVER use Specters in nightmare missions, because they will murder the shit out of you.


Molecular Prime is amazing at getting enemies to act like they’re running through molasses, and there is a particularly satisfying sound that plays every time you murder an enemy affected by Molecular Prime. Unfortunately that satisfying sound effect is nowhere near as satisfying when Molecular Prime is ticking on you and you’re about to explode…

Gara with Splinter Storm

Gara is actually a pretty cool frame. She was mediocre on release but with a few buffs, Gara is insane. Aside from the obvious massive glass wall that stops enemies in their tracks, Gara can also get 90% damage resistance and infinitely stacking damage. Heavens forbid a Gara gets irradiated while standing next to you, because Splinter Storm deals damage insanely fast. Gara is otherwise great for most sorties, just… stay away from her.

The Ignis, Amprex and Similar Weapons

The Ignis, with its weird, not-exactly-obvious range and high damage, is really easy to use if you want to accidentally set people on fire. ‘People’ here includes enemies, excavators, defense targets, team mates, such as the Banshee who tried her best to avoid Oberon’s Hallowed Ground, got herself irradiated and then decided to bullet jump in front a rampaging, flamethrower-using Excalibur.

The Lenz

The Lenz murders players at the best of times, why the hell would you fucking use it in a Radiation sortie where you can kill everyone?

I swear, everyone should just play Oberon in Radiation sorties. Hallowed Ground means you can just say no to any and all radiation you come across. Other alternatives include Titania, Rhino with Iron Skin, Valkyr with Hysteria or Inaros with the Negation Swarm augment. The new Warframe Hildryn also has status-removing abilities, assuming she hasn’t already murdered you with her energy rocket launchers.


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