On Being Done with Nightwave Already

Wow. It’s only been seven weeks and I’ve just hit level 30 on Nightwave… Wait, it’s been seven weeks? Seven weeks of weekly and daily random tasks that have nothing to do with a bunch of escaped prisoners? Wow.

Right off the bat, I don’t know if that’s a long time or not long at all. Nightwave has felt like it has dragged on forever, but it also feels somewhat short. I think a lot of this is because Nightwave resets on a Sunday evening (or about 2am on Monday for me) and I generally manage to get most of the Nightwave weekly tasks done by Tuesday, unless they’re tasks like “Complete 3-5 Sorties” or something. But aside from time-gated tasks, most of them have been easy for MR20+ players like me. For a player who doesn’t have everything unlocked, then it’s a little harder, especially if you haven’t unlocked Vox Solaris yet. That being said though, there’s still 3 or 4 whole weeks left, and with 7000 standing per week in daily activities, 15000 a week in elite activities and 21000 standing a week in normal weekly activities, there’s still time to earn at least some of the rewards.

Wolf of Saturn 6 - Rank 30
I’ve reached level 30 and there’s still 2 more cutscenes to unlock…

The rewards have been pretty neat as well, despite how random they are and how quickly they get used.

The best rewards though were those for ranks 28, 29 and 30. Levels 28 and 30 gave unique cosmetics – the Wolf’s own armour and syandana – for you to wear. As if to say that you’ve gone and beaten the Wolf. Except that we haven’t. I’ve only seen the Wolf three times (amusingly, one of those times was literally an hour after publishing that article about the Wolf) and there are plenty of other players on my level, plenty of people who have barely seen the bastard.

Still, the armour is really, really nice. The Syandana is kinda just a big lump on your back, but the armour set is genuinely really nice. And symmetrical. Which is weird strange since most Grineer armour is asymmetrical, but I hope they make more like the Saturn Six armour.

The reward for reaching level 30 in Nightwave - The Wolf's own armour
The reward for reaching level 30 in Nightwave – The Wolf’s own armour

As for the reward for rank 29? You get an Umbral Forma. A forma that can only be used to change one slot into the special Umbra polarity used by the Umbral mods received by doing the Sacrifice quest. But since you only get one and you can only get one once every 10 weeks… it’s kinda hard to decide what to use that Umbral Forma on. Which really just makes it a non-reward because there’s a perpetual fear that you’ll waste it.

After level 30 though? Who gives a shit? All you get are 15 Wolf Creds per level after level 30, and long term players have nothing useful to do with those except buy more Reactors and Catalysts. And maybe Nitain. You have to spend them before the Wolf of Saturn Six episode ends though. After you reach level 30, there’s no point at all. And really, the wolf creds are most needed by newer players, not players who can do all Nightwave content with ease. 15 credits is also kinda insulting when you normally get 50 wolf creds on levels below 30.

But there’s another, much larger problem here. What if I had taken a break over the last couple of weeks? What if I didn’t have time to play? What if I just got back into the game this week, making it impossible to reach level 30?

Well, at some point you kinda just have to suck it up. You can’t be around for every event, and if you leave a game for a while, you can’t expect everything to be handed to you. Needing to do 75% or more of all Nightwave tasks might be a bit much to ask, but doing most of Nightwave seems fair.

As for me though, I don’t need to do any more Nightwave stuff at all. I can happily ignore it and go back to waiting patiently for more Capture fissure missions so I can open more relics.

Volt Prime wearing the new Saturn Six armour.
Volt Prime wearing the new Saturn Six armour.


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