Nightwave – An Intermission

It seems as though the gap between Nightwave Episode 1 and Nightwave Episode 2 ended up being way, way longer than intended. To the point that it’s been impossible getting decent amounts of Nitain lately. To the point that my leftover Wolf Creds sat in my inventory for ages, until I realised I could sell them for 5,000 credits EACH and made myself a nice 1 million credits. In order to fix this, Nora Night has sent us an Intermission, a short Nightwave event until July 5th, which will keep us stocked up with Nora Creds and a few other nice extras.

Because this is only a three week Nightwave event, all the tasks currently give you extra standing. Each level requires 10,000 standing, same as the first Nightwave, but this time round, there are only 15 Nightwave levels (plus extra levels afterwards that just give creds again) and each task, aside from the Daily ones, gives extra standing. Which makes sense, they want people to at least get some of the rewards and be able to obtain some Nitain.

Nightwave Intermission Early Rewards and Tasks
Nightwave Intermission Early Rewards and Tasks

The rewards though are actually pretty damn good. There’s some Sentinel/Robotics Slots available early on which, although they’re not as useful as weapon slots, means that players can at least get their hands on each of the more useful Sentinels. The three Forma bundle comes back as a later reward, which is good because one of the challenges is to put Forma in three items. Funnily enough I used this as an excuse to stick an Aura Forma in Volt, which counted towards the 3 Forma challenge. Speaking of Aura Formas, one of the later rewards is also an Aura Forma, which I’ll probably stick in Khora when I get it.

Interestingly, there’s also some neat cosmetic stuff. The Eidolon Ephemera is a brand new cosmetic, basically an unusual effect for your feet, but it looks really nice. I can’t wait to get it, but I’m going to have to wait a while because there’s currently no way to passively farm for standing – there’s no Wolf or Saturn Six escapees to randomly interrupt your mission and give you extra standing. The other interesting reward is the Gamma Colour Palette. It’s not a new reward though, it’s actually an old palette brought back from the dead, given to players early on when colour palettes were changed to be a bit brighter.

As for the challenges? They’re not too tricky. They’re mostly the same as Nightwave Episode 1, but a lot of the more tedious ones have been removed. For example, we won’t be getting any of the “do X thing with a friend or clanmate” challenges. More importantly though, the hour-long survival mission and 40 wave defense missions have been cut in half, requiring half an hour or 20 waves. This is great because those missions were insanely tedious. Not particularly hard (unless you don’t have a Nekros), just slow and boring. Some might complain about the Forma and the Ayatan Sculpture challenges but Forma are pretty easy to come by, especially if you do the 10 relic challenge. Ayatans are a bit trickier as you’re only guaranteed one a week, but there are other ways of getting sculptures.

Overall, apart from one really weird reward of 3 Orokin Cells, this Nightwave Intermission looks like it’s going to be a good one. It also ends the day before Tennocon, meaning there’s a lot to look forward to…


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