A Simple Modding Guide for Weapons

Modding in Warframe can be tricky. Between the random rarity of mods you need, the time you have to play, the amount of credits you have and the amount of Endo you are able to obtain, making sure your weapons are strong enough to deal with enemies isn’t an easy task. And then you have to work out what mods you have to stick on your weapons in the first place.

Well, here’s the really, really simple guide.

Step 1: Base Damage Mods.

You want to get these mods, put them on your weapons and fully rank them if possible. Serration for Rifles, Bows, Sniper Rifles. Point Blank for Shotguns. Pressure Point for Melee. Hornet Strike for Secondaries. Get Primed Point Blank and Primed Pressure Point if you can.

Step 2: Multishot for Guns, Range for Melee Weapons

Multishot means you have a chance to fire more bullets every time you pull the trigger. Range means you hit more things with your melee weapon. You want as much Multishot on your guns and as much Range on your melee weapons as possible.

Step 3: Elemental Mods

There are 4 main elements in Warframe that can be combined into 7 secondary elements. These elements affect different factions differently. Cold, Heat, Electricity, Toxin. These are your base elements.

Cold + Heat = Blast

Cold + Electricity = Magnetic

Cold + Toxin = Viral

Heat + Electricity = Radiation

Heat + Toxin = Gas

Electricity + Toxin = Corrosive.

If you are fighting Corpus, you want to use Viral, which all Corpus are neutral or weak against.

If you are fighting Grineer, you want to use Corrosive and Radiation (preferably one on each weapon) as this covers both types of Grineer armour.

If you are fighting Infested, you want Gas damage for most enemies and Corrosive to deal with Infested Ancients. Heat on its own is also very good.

There are also the physical damage types, Impact, Puncture and Slash. Slash is the only good physical damage. Only use Slash mods if you don’t have anything else, because Elemental mods give you more damage than Slash mods, as they increase damage based on all existing base stats on a weapon instead of one.

Step 4: Critical Chance and Critical Damage

Critical Damage mods are great for your weapons as they increase damage from both Random Crits and Critical Hits from hitting weak spots (e.g. headshots). If you have space, include a Critical Damage mod. Most weapons will have a low Critical Hit Chance, but it is worth adding a Critical Hit Chance mod if the chance to crit is above 10-15% and you have space.

The Pistol Critical Chance and Critical Damage mods are not very good. It is better to save up and buy the Primed versions, Target Cracker and Pistol Gambit.

Basic Critical Damage mods are: Vital Sense for Rifles/Bows/Snipers, Ravage for Shotguns, Target Cracker for Pistols, Organ Shatter for melee.

Basic Critical Chance mods are: Point Strike for Rifles/Bows/Snipers, Blunderbuss for Shotguns, Pistol Gambit for secondaries and True Steel for melee.

Step 5: Status Chance

Do not use the mods that only give Status Chance. These mods are crap. If you want to increase Status Chance, then look for the rare, gold hybrid mods that increase one element and status chance. The Heat and Cold hybrid mods drop from Spy vaults. The Toxic mods only drop from Corrupted Vor. The Electric mods are best bought from Baro Ki’Teer.

Shotguns need 100% Status Chance to be effective. If you can’t get 100% Status Chance, then just use normal Elemental mods.

Step 6: Anything Else

Once you have added your Damage, Multishot and Elemental mods, you probably won’t have room for anything else. If you do, it is best to add another Multishot or Elemental mod, another Critical Chance/Damage mod or a mod that increases ammo efficiency.

Keep in mind that most weapons can’t fit many mods, and even when leveled up, only have 30 mod capacity. If you want more mod space, you should install an Orokin Catalyst at first to double mod capacity.

And that is how you very simply mod your weapons. You stick as many Multishot and elemental mods on as possible, add your critical chance mods and go from there.

Except, now I think about it, that wasn’t very simple at all.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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