Nightwave Intermission – More of This, Please

The other day, I managed to hit level 15 on the Nightwave Intermission. I had managed to do every single task so far apart from the Complete 3 Sorties task (because you can only do one Sortie a day) and had them all finished the 25th. Now that I’ve finished with the Intermission, I can idly do any extra missions to earn additional Nora Creds which I can spend on more Nitain. I got my Eidolon Ephemera and now I can chill and wait for the next Nightwave.

Level 15 with Nightwave Intermission
Level 15 with Nightwave Intermission

Except that I kinda hope the next Nightwave is just like this Intermission. Why? Because this intermission is just about perfect.

Firstly, it’s short. You can finish the whole thing within 3 weeks with ease. In fact, I technically finished it in 2 weeks and 2 days and it would have been 2 weeks and 1 day if it wasn’t for the Sortie Nightwave challenge. Combined with the new catch up mechanic, you could theoretically do all all of Nightwave in a week, ignoring daily challenges. Actually, the catch up mechanic is a stroke of genius. Once you’ve done all the tasks in your current week, any tasks that you missed will become available to do, at three at a time. This means you can even take time off from Warframe, should something else seal your interest and still be able to get everything.

Secondly, the rewards are simple but good. The only rewards I didn’t like were the Sentinel/Robotic slots and the random handful of Orokin Cells. Weapon slots are always a better reward and the Orokin Cells are just… why? Everything else though is great. The Gamma colour palette is a less saturated version of the default Classic palette and the Eidolon Ephemera is basically a better Blazing Step and definitely one of the better Ephemeras.

Revenant with the Eidolon Ephemera
Revenant with the Eidolon Ephemera

Thirdly, it’s all pretty easy. The only actually difficult challenge I’ve seen so far is the “Silent Eliminator” challenge, which was fixed to fail if enemies see you rather than just being “don’t set off alarms”. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught sounds hard but can be done by just doing up to wave 2 four times, you don’t have to complete 8 waves in a row. The Defense and Survival endurance missions are easy since they have no lower level limit, meaning you could just do missions on Earth and Venus.

Even the Bounty tasks are easier now because, although you can’t just do the same one five times, you can just do the first three bounties every 2 hours when they refresh.

In fact, the most pain in the ass tasks are the Forma and Gild an Item tasks, because it’s a waste of resources for veterans and newbies alike – while most newbies will have things they might need forma-ing, they don’t have resources lying around to craft the somewhat expensive parts needed for Zaws, Kitguns, MOAs and Amps, and Veterans have probably already got everything built and are building items for the sake of it. But it’s not that difficult, especially if you just build something small and crappy, and newer players need the mastery anyway.

Really, there’s only one thing that I’d change, and that’s to make sure that there’s always an intermission (or something similar) between Nightwave seasons. Sure, it might start to get tedious doing Nightwave constantly but you need something going on between lulls.

And you also need a steady supply of easily accessible Nitain Extract. Because I am NOT doing Ghouls missions or looking for Sabotage caches for a tiny chance at Nitain.


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