What To Buy From Baro Ki’Teer on July 6th

July 6th is the date for Tennocon, the annual real life Warframe event hosted in London, Canada. Despite it being a real life event with tickets that sell out insanely quickly, where you get to meet the people at Digital Extremes as well as other Warframe fans, there’s actually a lot to do for people who can’t come in person. For example, every year there is a special Tennocon Dev Stream, and this year pretty much all the cool stuff will be streamed live on Twitch and Mixxer. There’s also the Digital Tennocon pass which lets you get some neat one-time-only in-game loot, such as special armour, some Platinum and access to a special Tennocon relay.

This special Tennocon relay will home Baro Ki’Teer, and Baro will bring every single item that he has sold in the past. In today’s article, we shall discuss what you should and shouldn’t save up for.

First things first though, if you somehow manage to get into the Tennocon relay despite not buying the digital Tennocon pack, do not buy anything. Or touch anything. Just leave. Because buying something will get your account suspended.

Baro Ki'Teer in a busy Strata Relay.
Baro Ki’Teer in a busy Strata Relay. This year will be my first time inside the Tennocon relay so I don’t have any screenshots of it yet.

When it comes to shopping, you WILL need to save up a lot of Ducats and Credits. A lot. A lot a lot. Most weapons will cost between 400 and 600 Ducats and anywhere between 150,000 to 300,000 Credits. To put it another way, I have over 5000 Ducats right now and that probably won’t be enough for a newer player who needs a lot of stuff.

The best way to do this huge amount of Ducats is to run Lith and Meso relics, ideally on an endless mission or a Capture/Exterminate mission. Endless missions mean more loot due to less loading screens but become harder more quickly, while low level Capture and Exterminate missions can be done insanely quickly. It’s also worth looking at non-ship Sabotage missions as well – there are two sabotage missions where all you have to do is destroy a reactor or some mining equipment. Ideally you want to run with relics that don’t have Forma in them, minimizing the chance of getting 0 ducats rather than 15 ducats from a normal common item.

Anyway, onto the actual buying of things. You’ll want to prioritize things that you don’t have first, since you never know when they might come back.

Here is a list of everything Baro has brought so far. Notice how some of the dates are all over the place. Sometimes things just disappear for ages, sometimes they come back regularly.

The most important things to buy are Primed mods. But not all of them. The major ones that you should buy are Primed Pressure Point, Point Blank, Target Cracker, Reach, Flow, Ravage, Continuity and Pistol Gambit. These are all vastly better than their non-primed counterparts and are essential for end-game content. Primed Animal Instinct, Pack Leader, Regen, Morphic Transformer and the Primed elemental mods are all useful as well and you should try and get them if you can. The Primed X of Corpus, Infested, Grineer and Corrupted mods are all somewhat niche, so you can skip them.

Do NOT buy Stance Mods, the dual Heat/Ice/Toxin and Status mods or any of the +Impact/Puncture/Slash mods. These mods drop more easily from other locations and are simply not worth the Ducats. You can probably pick most of them up for 2-10 Platinum. The only exception here are the Electricity/Status mods, because two are insanely hard to farm (with tiny drop chances in caches in one boring mission) and two only come from Baro Ki’Teer.

Weapons are also important, but not as important as mods. The weapons you’ll definitely want to pick up are the Prisma Grakata, Prisma Gorgon and Supra Vandal as these weapons are all really strong. Out of the other weapons, they are all worth grabbing while you can, except for maybe the Prisma Veritux, an Arch-Melee weapon, if you don’t do much Archwing. All these weapons are in some way small upgrades over their normal variants.

If you are on Nintendo Switch, then pick up the Ignis Wraith. It’s expensive but worth it. On other platforms, people give away Ignis Wraith blueprints for free, so you can save your Ducats and spend them on something else.

The consumables though, they’re not worth it. The Specters are all useless, the fireworks are purely cosmetic and the beacons are handy but expensive for what they are. You’re better off killing some bosses and doing some invasions and doing the slow grind. The relics on the other hand might be worth getting for the Vasto, Akvasto, Lex and Aklex Primes, as they are strong weapons and there’s no other real way of obtaining the dual wielding versions. The Volt/Odonata relics are only worth it if you need those and didn’t get a chance to farm them during the recent unvaulting – so basically for people like me.

As for cosmetics, that’s up to you. The colour palettes are worth purchasing but most cosmetics get cycled through pretty quickly and most of them, at least in my opinion, aren’t worth the price tag. But you should go for the gameplay-altering mods first since they’re more valuable in the long run. Even if you decide you don’t need, for example, Primed Animal Instinct, you can always sell the mod on. You can’t do that with cosmetics.

On a final, semi-related note: Anyone who doesn’t have access to the Tennocon relay, this might be a great chance to make some Platinum. People will be desperate to get Ducats, so feel free to oblige when people offer Platinum for ‘Primed Junk’. Just make sure you don’t give them anything valuable or vaulted.

So yeah, that’s about it! Happy Void Shopping!


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