My Favourite Warframe Companions

Really, when you think about it, there aren’t that many options when it comes to companions in Warframe. You have robotic things that float behind you, you have cats and dogs, you have weird-looking infected dogs and you have mechanical chickens with guns. Of course, all these creatures do different things and provide different gameplay options, but they’re not the most… lovable things in the world. At least, the Sentinels aren’t. But considering the reactions I have gotten from showing people my freshly incubated companions, I don’t think everyone agrees that Kubrows and Kavats are as cute as I think they are.

Anyway, here are my three favourite companions.

Helios Prime, AKA Scanny McScanface

Helios Prime is my third favourite companion because Helios Prime scans what Helios Prime wants to scan, rather than being useful and automatically scanning everything. Sure, Helios Prime will scan plants and things like that but only until you’ve completed the codex entry. Helios will also use all your scanners, so I’d recommend just getting the infinite Synthesis Scanners boon from Simaris before even bothering with Helios.

But whenever a new update comes out with a ton of new things to scan, I drag out Helios Prime to fill those codex entries for me, because I’m often too busy murdering things to stop, pull out a scanner and scan new enemies myself.

Arkadin the Smeeta Kavat

Funnily enough, my second ever Kavat was a Smeeta. It only took me two attempts to obtain both types of Kavat, and originally, Arkadin the Smeeta was called Dingle, after my second cat in real life, while my first Kavat, an Ardaza, was called Mog. But Dingle, for the longest of times, never actually… did much. Despite being properly modded, Dingle never, ever, ever gave me any useful buffs. Or, more typically, Dingle would give me the beloved double resource boost at the end of a mission when I no longer needed it.

Then, because I was kinda sick of the name Dingle (the cat in question is actually called Ringo anyway), I ended up spending 15 Platinum to rename Dingle to Arkadin. The very next mission, Arkadin gave me the resource buff at a reasonable time and I got all the extra Argon Crystals I needed. Coincidence? Probably, but the random Smeeta buffs are nice and frankly, now that we have the Fetch mod, there’s less of a reason to not use the cute kitty cat. And frankly, my white and yellow Kavat looks nothing like Ringo anyway.

Arkadin the Smeeta Kavat
Arkadin the Smeeta Kavat

Curry, the Carrier Prime

Yes, my Carrier is called Curry. In fact, both my Carrier and my Carrier Prime are called Curry. You can’t actually give Sentinels custom names yet, which is a shame because they really lack the emotion and empathy that Kubrows, Kavats and MOAs have and a name could really spruce them up. But Curry the Carrier has saved my ass so much because frankly I use ammo like it’s going out of fashion. I’m either wasting tons of ammo shooting at anything that moves or I’m using an underleveled and undermodded gun to shoot enemies in anywhere but their weak points. Or I’m shooting at my teammates trying to get their attention. Or I’ve not brought a strong weapon with me and a bunch of Sentients or Ancients or a Wolf has appeared.

No matter what, Curry the Carrier has my back, providing me with ammo and turning the ammo for weapons I don’t have into ammo for weapons I do have. And the amount of times Curry has saved my ass in boss fights I’ve been ill-equipped for is probably too high.

Sure, there are plenty of other companions, but these three hold a dear place in my heart.


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