A Tennolive 2020 Article

So, I’m kinda writing this as it happens. It’s midnight on the 2nd for me, but it’s still the 1st in London, Ontario, Canada, where DE are located. Tennolive has just started and everyone is introducing themselves. There’s a lot to do, they’re starting with prizes and then they’re talking about charity things.

I’m just going to write and see how this turns out, so apologies for this being not a normal article. 320k people are watching this video, just after the Tenno Trivia show has ended. How many are actually excited and how many just want Hydroid Prime, who knows?

Anyway, tons of people co-streaming, people sharing, people spamming chat. Tennolive features the normal crew, but only Steve and Rebecca are in the office. Because most of the crew are working from home. For obvious reasons. Between Steve and Rebecca is the next new fancy statue, of Lotus carrying a Tenno. Like in the Second Dream.

TennoLive 2020
TennoLive 2020

The stream has started with introductions and smiles and immediately goes into prizes. They’ve got a bunch of sponsors, Nvidia, Intel and Corsair and people like that. Of course the chance of winning is absolutely tiny. I mean, 1 in 320k levels of tiny. Prizes also include huge amounts of platinum. More prizes later maybe?

Starting things off.

Apparently Red Text is chilling in the Tennolive relays, which is where I’m chilling right now. It’s a bit of fun. He’s probably not in Tennolive Relay 321, the one I’m in. Stalker’s present though.

Anyway, time to talk about actual things. We’re starting off with the new player trailer thing shown in 2019. Because it apparently didn’t make sense at first. The new player thing is actually apparently coming along in the Heart of Deimos. It’s going to be an updated new player experience that makes more sense and explains far more. Because, frankly, the new player experience is kinda shit. It’s going to be very pretty. We’re also maybe getting new starter weapons…


AND SUDDENLY HYDROID PRIME TRAILER. I mean, about time. It’s just Ballas being all mystical and stuff, but it’s actually here. The memes for Hydroid Prime are now dead. Now we just have to wait for all the other Prime trailers. And Mirage Deluxe is the new meme apparently.

But at least we get more Hydroid stuff. The Liger-designed Hydroid Deluxe skin is nearly done. The coat is an auxiliary attachment, and it comes with a Sentinel skin with tentacles for Dirigia, as well as a skin for staffs.


We move on to the community-driven Warframe. The first was Nova, who was designed by the old Tenno Council, made of founders. The new Warframe is called Xaku and is made out of bits and pieces. He/she is a broken warframe made from old tatters of the Void. Xaku has a custom roll animation where its internal void-tree bits dart forward, followed by its Warframe armour pieces. Of course, while going to the star chart to select a mission, Deimos is accidentally teased. Xaku’s weapon seems to be a pair of battle fans.

Xaku’s first ability gives you void damage. Its second disarms enemies and adds their weapons to it. His third ability is a combination of 3 community-suggested abilities – a void beam, a radial fissure that explodes and a Gaze ability that reduces various stats of enemies hit. Xaku’s last ability is basically a better version of Chroma’s Pelt, where you explode and do damage, but also move faster and take less damage.

Heart of Deimos starts

And now we move on to the meat of the show. The Heart of Deimos. The Infested are getting some love. And an update. Helminth is also kinda hungry.

Somewhat unrelated, we also get new end of mission UI.

A Helminth sidetrack

Now, the Helminth room is a complete infested mess, less plants and more infestation. There’s a massive infested mouth in your ship. You will soon be able to CHANGE WARFRAME ABILITIES. Using special Helminth ones. You feed Helminth and get new abilities to replace your own. The Helminth Crysalis system allows users to unlock new Helminth abilities that replace Warframe ones you don’t like.

How? You feed the Helminth infestation on your ship various things. All those spare resources you have? You feed them to it. YOU CAN ALSO FEED IT ENTIRE WARFRAMES TO KILL THE WARFRAMES AND UNLOCK THEIR ABILITIES TO GIVE TO OTHER WARFRAMES.

okay what the fuck

On the plus side, you can kill an Excalibur and put Slash Dash on every frame, on specific configurations.

Okay, now onto the Heart of Deimos for real.

The first part of Heart of Deimos, at least. Spoilers ahead?

Deimos is a new planet. A new planet actually connected to the star chart that replaces the Orokin Derelict, with no keys or anything. And the first node/map is a free roam map. And a quest. And stuff? The Infestation has infected everything apparently and the defenses have failed.


AND THERE’S A BIG MONSTER AND INFESTED ENEMIES AND… oh heck there’s so much. New enemies, new bosses, new landscape, all sorts.

There’s actually so much going on that I can’t really describe any of it. There’s void-infused infested people and all sorts. We’re meeting original Orokin but also somewhat ruined.

Suddenly, a change of pace. We’re going elsewhere.

A massive clock thing. Orokin things. Original Orokin things. Mythical things tied to Requiems.

But suddenly we’re back out with the Infested.

So there’s also an infested syndicate and a person called Mother and things like that. And then we can go below the surface. We have this strange mixture of quests and bounties. A mix of Open World and normal missions.

Oh and there’s infested K-Drives. And doors you open by feeding them. And a night-day system based on massive orokin-infested worm things.

And buried beneath all that is… abandoned yet intact Orokin structures… With mechs in them… That you can control…

And apparently it’s all coming on August 25th.

It’s all coming on the same day. On all platforms.

Oh god.

That’s terrifying.

Then everything ends on a double affinity booster.

Okay I’m going to bed. Night.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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