How Can A Week of Dragons be SO Underwhelming in Pokemon Go?

During GO Fest, we unlocked a bunch of ‘ultra weeks’, week-long themed events with specific spawns and Pokemon. The first week is Dragon Week. A week where dragons would be spawning regularly. And another chance at Gible for those who missed out on GO Fest. Yet somehow, despite being an event about DRAGONS, this week has been completely and utterly underwhelming.

Not enough dragons.

One of the bigger problems with this event is that there’s not enough dragons. Alright, there aren’t many dragons in generations 1-5 of Pokemon. At least, not legendary ones. Off the top of my head, we have Dratini, Bagon, Alolan Exeggcutor, Gible, Axew, Druddigon and Deino. Trapinch, Horsea and Swablu evolve into dragons but aren’t dragons themselves.

Guess what spawns we get? Mostly Trapinch, Swablu, Horsea and Dratini. With a heavy helping of Treecko and Charmander. Alongside mostly normal spawns. Bagon, Alolan Exeggcutor and Gible do spawn rarely. Deino is nowhere to be seen (and I’ve been checking my nearby for that black shadow for ages). Axew basically doesn’t exist. Really, this event is an event for Swablu and Trapinch more than anything else. People are saying that Gible is somewhat common, but I live in permanently sunny weather and have seen two wild Gibles in 5 days. That’s it.

And while this event would have been perfect to add Druddigon (probably the only dragon who is considered a ‘pokedex-filler’), we didn’t get that either.

Two free Deinos at least?

There is a limited time research. This research does reward you with two Deinos. It also rewards you with a Dratini, a Bagon and an Alolan Exeggcutor. The rewards are kinda nice, but the tasks basically amount to “catch dragon types” and “make good throws”. I suppose at least the tasks are simple, but do we really need a Dratini reward or an Alolan Exeggutor when they spawn everywhere?

I’ll take the Deinos though. In fact, this research gave me my first Deino.

Raids make no sense.

You can’t even get dragons reliably from raids. Croconaw, a water type evolution of Totodile, is taking up almost all the space in 2 star raids. Despite Alolan Exeggcutor and Gible also being in 2 star raids. Sneasel is at least a cheap counter to dragon types, but I haven’t seen one yet. Dratini is the ONLY dragon type in level 1 raids, while it, Treecko and Swablu are spawning everywhere. For some reason, Snivy is in raids as well, despite having nothing to do with dragons. The ONLY worthwhile thing in level 3 raids is Pilloswine, which evolves into the amazing dragon-killer Mamoswine.

At least level 4 raids have Dragonite and Salamence in them. No idea what Charizard and Walrein are doing in there. Charizard is specifically not a dragon at all.

The only legendary in raids is Rayquaza. Which is nice, Rayquaza is a good dragon. But we could have also had Dialga, Palkia and Giratina in these dragon raids as well. And maybe the Tao Trio, which consists of three dragons. I think a lot of players would have been excited at more opportunities to get more legendary dragons.

The worst thing is the egg situation.

Deino was teased in this event, being present in 7km eggs. Gible is also in 7km eggs. But 7km eggs are currently full of trash you really don’t want in your 7km egg. Shit like Swablu, Horsea and Trapinch, which are ALREADY SPAWNING EVERYWHERE. Even the Dratini hatches are a bit mediocre since they are also spawning everywhere. But with so many common spawns also being inside eggs, the pool of rewards is so badly diluted that you have very little chance of hatching a Gible, let alone a Deino. And let alone a shiny Deino, which is the new shiny of this event!

The chances of even hatching a Deino are so damn tiny that you might as well not bother. Especially since a lot of places are still locked down or have limited movement.

Oh, and again, no Axew. Axew isn’t included in the DRAGON event, despite being a DRAGON.

This event is only good if you need Dratini, Bagon or Rayquaza candy.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing new at all with this event, and everything is so damn rare to the point that the rare stuff might as well not exist. And even then, all these Pokemon aside from Bagon and Rayquaza spawned during Go Fest. At similar spawn rates.

If there’s going to be some sort of reveal at the end of the week or something, then the tedium and boring-ness of this event would be acceptable. But, considering this is a dragon week, there’s a real lack of dragons around here.

At least the Rayquaza raids are alright. Can’t have too much Rayquaza candy.


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