Unova Week Was Even More Naff

I feel like I owe Enigma Week an apology. It was a rather weak event that lasted a whole week. But even Enigma Week had some good stuff in it. Unova Week is just all round bad.

What is actually new?

There’s four new Pokemon and two new shinies. The shinies are Genesect, a Mythical Pokemon, and Roggenrola, an uncommon Pokemon that is only ever vaguely abundant in partly cloudy weather. Both are good shinies, but the event spawn rates of Roggenrola are mediocre, and Genesect is a Mythical, so if you don’t get one this week, you’re screwed.

The new Pokemon aren’t much to talk about. Emolga is a somewhat popular Pokemon, Cottonee and its evolution are kinda cute. Sewaddle doesn’t spawn enough in the wild to actually get many of. I’m not even going to mention Bouffalant, because it only spawns in areas around New York in the US. And literally no where else. As if we needed more damn unobtainable regional Pokemon. Cool Pokemon, basically a better Tauros, yet somehow even LESS accessible.

The only actual new releases. Boufalant doesn't count.
The only actual new releases. Bouffalant doesn’t count.

The eggs are awful, the raids are awful.

Raids are currently mediocre too. Petilil is back for a bit, as is Dwebble, who both featured in previous events. Ferroseed and Darumaka are in level 2 raids, which would be great if I actually saw any: most of the time it’s Roggenrola, Whirlipede or Stunfisk, which are not really worth a raid pass. Level 3 and 4 raids aren’t even worth talking about.

As for eggs? Literally trash. I’m actually glad I managed to fill my backpack up with GO Fest 7km eggs and shitty 5km eggs. Because the Unova Week egg pool consists of the following (source):

  • Sewaddle
  • Cottonee
  • Pidove
  • Minccino
  • Woobat
  • Emolga
  • Darumaka

Sewaddle, Emolga and Cottonee aren’t exactly worth walking 3.5km to hatch and only have value because they are new. Everything else is crap that you can find easily pretty much anywhere, even outside of events.

Literally the only useful Pokemon there is Darumaka. Which is stupidly rare, of course.

Not enough actual Unova spawns!

I’d say about 50% of the current spawns are Unova Pokemon. And most of those are the mediocre ‘low level trash’ Pokemon like Patrat, Lillipup and Purrloin. Sure, Unova Starters are nice, but no one wants to evolve them because they’ll get a community day at some point. No one wants to spend 125 candy on an evolution when it’s basically guaranteed that these Pokemon will get better moves later on.

As for the actual new Pokemon? Hardly anything. I’ve seen barely any of them. I’ve seen one Emolga, 3-4 Cottonees and a handful of Sewaddle silhouettes on the radar… up until I caught one, and now I haven’t seen any.

But unlike the Enigma Week, we don’t even get a lot of the star Pokemon, Roggenrola. They are nowhere near as common as Staryu was during Enigma week. Instead, we get normal spawns, basically. I’ve seen plenty of normal Numels, Vulpix, Roselia, Houndour and Growlithe, all of which spawn constantly. Heck, earlier I saw a Mankey and a Rattata next to each other.

This basically means we can’t even use incense to effectively catch the new Pokemon or Roggenrola or any of the actual event stuff.

Honestly, the whole Unova week just sucks. I complained about Dragon week and Enigma week, but they weren’t THIS bad!


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