My Favourite Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are awesome. Well, most of the time. They’re always cooler than normal Pokemon. Because you’re only supposed to encounter a Legendary Pokemon once, they can go ham. You can give them cool powers and cool looks, it doesn’t matter. But because Legendary Pokemon are so powerful, it’s unfair to compare them to everyone else.

I’ve always loved Legendary Pokemon more than normal Pokemon. Mostly because they seem a tad more intelligent. But frankly, having the choice to pick whatever Pokemon I want, of course Legendaries win out. After all, if I could choose any Pokemon, a massive green sky dragon noodle is a bit more impressive than a horse that’s on fire.

Although, speaking of Pokemon horses, I definitely feel like the new Legendary that gets on a horse of ice or a horse of shadows is kinda lame. Especially when Galarian Rapidash exists.

Anyway, here’s my three favourite Legendary Pokemon. In no particular order.

"Gonna be honest, considering that's his ultimate form, he looks kinda derpy." - Groudon
“Gonna be honest, considering that’s his ultimate form, he looks kinda derpy.” – Groudon


I’ve always liked the weather trio and I’ve always been a bit of a fan for the underdog. In this case, Groudon is by far the underdog here. While Kyogre is a massive, flying whale creature with control over the oceans and Rayquaza is a massive, elegant sky dragon, Groudon is a cute red dinosaur. Okay, maybe not cute, but I think he’s cute. But when it comes to typing, Groudon is somewhat screwed over, because both Rayquaza and Kyogre have typing that specifically says “fuck you” to Groudon.

Thankfully though, it’s not a done and dusted fight. At the very least, Groudon can learn Solar beam to deal with Kyogre. Groudon’s Primal Form is also insanely cool. The skin underneath its massive armoured plates literally turn to armour, and Groudon gains a second typing – fire. Of course, this makes life even easier for Kyogre, but at least Primal Groudon’s ability nullifies water attacks.

Rayqyaza on the other hand just screws everyone over. To the point that his Mega Form is so powerful that it’s regularly banned in competitive Pokemon play. Which is even more of a reason why I tend to go for the underdog, which is still Groudon. On top of that, it’s also a ground type (one of my favorites) AND a big red dinosaur. I LOVE big red dinosaurs. I mean, who doesn’t?


Funnily enough, my love for Xerneas is less about how badass it is or anything like that. In fact, really, Xerneas is nothing more than a massive rainbow deer thing. It’s definitely a cool-looking deer but its powers are kinda weird. Xerneas is a fairy type and a damn powerful one, apparently capable of giving eternal life… when it’s not busy fighting Yveltal and fixing all the mess Yveltal makes.

Really though, the reason why I like Xerneas is because it basically carried me through a multiplayer Pixelmon server. It was somehow the first Legendary Pokemon I caught aside from a Moltres (literally everyone had a Moltres). But I kept hold of this Xerneas for a long, long time and it fought hard, before I let it retire on top of a flower forest on a hill. Now my Xerneas, named Xern because I have no imagination, gets to sit and watch as I tend to a small farm and go fishing.


When it comes to bad reputations though, Giratina’s pretty high on the list. Everyone seems to just assume that he’s an evil legendary or out to destroy things. But really, Giratina just gets screwed over by everyone. Not only did Arceus make him at odds with Palkia and Dialga, but Giratina then had to bugger off and make his own dimension. He was quite happy living in the Distortion World until Palkia and Dialga started fighting each other and basically trashed Giratina’s house.

So of course, Giratina’s going to be pissed off at the other two Creation Dragons. I mean, I would if my two siblings had a massive fight that damaged my home. But no, Giratina is the bad guy because he wanted revenge for having to repair his home. Really, Giratina’s not a bad guy or anything, just misunderstood. It’s not his fault Arceus made Giratina the way he is. It’s also not Giratina’s fault that someone tried to capture and kill him and take over his dimension.

Either way, I can’t help but love the giant gold, black and red antimatter worm. Even when he has six legs instead of none. Poor thing just needs a hug and to be left alone for a bit.


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