Operation Orphix Venom is Here

We haven’t had an Operation in Warframe for a while. The last one was Scarlet Spear, which was supposed to be the start of the New War. However current events on planet earth ended up delaying the New War completely. After all, the Sentients didn’t want to get infected. But now the Sentients are back in an event that completely removes the Warframe from Warframe.

Operation Orphix Venom is a weird event.

Basically, this is the Condrix ground mission on Earth, from Scarlet Spear. Except there’s a massive field around each Orphix that literally kicks you out of your Warframe and into your Operator. You have to summon your Necramech and use that to destroy Orphix nodules scattered around the area, and then start shooting the Orphix.

The Orphix is basically the same as a Condrix. You shoot it in its massive eyeball/asshole, do half its health, kill the things it spawns then kill it for good. The real difference is that you have to be quick about these things. The more you leave the Orphix, the more it gains ‘control’, so you have to kill it before it gains 100% control over the area. And, of course, the more you do, the faster they spawn and the tougher they get. It’s easy to fail at the higher stages.

The tactics however are pretty basic. You just need to destroy the Orphix nodes as fast as possible, then nuke the Orphix itself as fast as possible. The easiest way to do this is use the Fluctus, with its 25m punch-through, to destroy the nodes. Then you can easily use the Aquebex, the Voidrig Nechramech’s 4, to kill the Orphix. Personally though, I prefer using Space Kid to dash around and destroy the nodes, then use the Mausolon’s alternate fire to kill the Orphix. You can also kill Sentients to slowly increase your score, but most of the score comes from the Orphix themselves.


Fucking hell, I am constantly getting bugged out. Half the time I can’t summon my Necramech, or it summons in a weird place, or I’m getting stuck in various stages though. Mostly though, I keep on getting stuck as my Operator, unable to use my Necramech OR my Warframe. Sure, I am not completely useless as an Operator, but it HUGELY hinders what I can do.

Players without Necramechs are also heavily hindered too. Sure, there ARE Necramechs scattered around the area that players can use. But these Necramechs are unmodded and thus not very strong. They’re only good if your own Necramech gets destroyed. But don’t worry! For only 375 Platinum, you can buy your own Necramech in the market! Because, well, why not?

Meanwhile, your Warframes are completely useless. The only thing they are good for is getting to each Orphix more quickly. Not even Excalibur Umbra can get in and help you.

The rewards are also mostly Scarlet Spear rewards.

Aside from Lavos, his new weapon and some cosmetics, the majority of rewards are identical to Scarlet Spear. ALL the Arcanes are back, as well as the Ballroom Simulacrum and the two Scarlet Spear weapons.

However everything costs “Phasic cells”, which are the event currency. The amount of cells you get per mission is literally your score from an Orphix Venom mission, divided by 10 and rounded down. Most Arcanes cost between 500 and 800 each. Most of the new stuff costs 1000 phasic cells or 1500 phasic cells.

On the flip side, at least Lavos and some of the items do actually drop in the Orphix missions. I actually managed to get a whole Lavos set by doing the mission. However, I made the mistake of buying the alt-helmet with Phasic Cells, only to have THREE OF THEM drop while doing future missions. So wasted credits right there. I’d recommend doing the missions for a bit before buying anything.

This is an event that’s meant to be done both fast and slow.

The slow part is getting the Phasic Cells. They made the prices kinda high so you have to grind out slowly. Over time, it’s definitely doable to get all the items (although maybe not the Arcanes as well). But if you want the clan trophy and the high score, then you NEED to go as fast as possible.

Really though, it’s just a Condrix mission, except more urgent. And with all traces of Warframe removed.


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