I’d Like A Nightwave Story About Someone Who Isn’t An Ass

Nightwave’s original premise was quite simple. Over the course of a season or episode, we’d be told a story. As the story went along, we’d learn more clues or get different rewards. However, two things happened as we went along. Firstly, the story complexity increased over time. Glassmaker’s story involved us finding clues, while the Wolf just had us, well, fighting him. The second thing is that things always got worse as time went on.

Not only did these episodes all drag on, but they all kinda ended on a low note. Wolf of Saturn Six ended with escaped prisoners and a stronger Wolf. The Emissary ended with a new hideous infested cult, worse than ever. Even Glassmaker, since we still regularly got glassed enemies. And they’re all about bad things happening.

Nora Night isn’t always about bad things.

Well, I think. She’s always flip-flopped on the positivity scale. But most of the time, even when things seem bleak, she does kinda seem cool and level-headed? But yeah, Nora Night is always on the air, telling us about what’s going on in the universe. She’s mostly telling us about people being assholes. Over the years, Nora has informed us about the big mean Wolf, escaped prisoners, an Infested cult built on lies and an asshole murderous Orokin hiding in the internet. And, aside from telling us that we’re kinda the good guys, most of her messages towards us aren’t… great.

Sure, Nora will call us badass or whatever, but she also happily compares thanking us to petting a Kubrodon. Which is pretty shitty. After all, she asks us to do these tasks, and when we complete them for her, she calls us monsters.

I want a Nightwave about nice things.

It’d just make a change. We hear stories all the time about all the bad things going on. Heck, we see the bad things happening all the time. But Nora does mention that sometimes we’re doing good things as well. So I want to hear and see an episode all about a good thing. Something positive that leaves a lasting influence on the solar system. Or at least shows the good we’re doing. Because being a Tenno constantly leaves us in a state of asking ourselves whether “we’re the baddies”.

The Levarian kinda already does this. It paints each Warframe in a better light, more as a mysterious force of good. But these are all past events and the Levarian is the last we’ll ever hear of them.

A good, positive Nightwave story could involve how a mysterious group is saving lost Cetus villagers, or could involve rescuing captured prisoners. Heck, the Solaris would be perfect for a much more feel-good Nightwave episode. Not only would we be able to save a bunch of them from debt but we could find out more about Solaris workers outside of Fortuna.

That being said, there is plenty of Solaris lore already, but still, it’s a thought!

Could also have more positive Nightwave tasks as well.

Many Nightwave tasks mostly consist of murdering people in specific ways. Particularly daily tasks. A positive Nightwave however should focus on more positive types. Rescue missions, Index and Deimos/Fortuna/Cetus bounties would all be good, and we should have less mindless slaughter ones.

But we could also have other tasks too. Returning Debt Bonds to Ticker, donating fish to Cetus and saving people in the Granum Void could all be potential helpful missions. And with Ticker soon to have people you can hire for your ship, that could be an option too.  You could also have some simpler daily tasks appear more often, like petting a companion, or even have new tasks like donating to a clan dojo or trading with another player.

Simply put, it’d just be nice to do genuinely good things for once. And for Nora Night’s stories to be positive and long-lasting for once.


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