Ticker’s Star Days Niceness

Ticker’s probably one of the best characters in Warframe. How can you not love someone who loves everyone else so much? Unlike most of Fortuna’s dealers, Ticker spends her time trying to buy out other people’s debt, and allows you to do the same. And to celebrate Star Days, Ticker is doing some nice things.

Before you ask, Star Days is just an in-universe version of Valentines Day. Except it’s all about loving everyone. Love in all its forms, as Ticker herself would say. It’s a sweet thought, and much nicer than our own commercial holiday.

Ticker standing in her little shop, selling nice things.
Ticker standing in her little shop, selling nice things.

For Star Days, Ticker has set up a shop.

In Ticker’s shop, she’s selling a lot of nice treats. Everything is purchased for Debt Bonds. Which I have plenty of. Aside from Familial ones, because I’ve been neglecting to do Profit Taker for a bit. You only need 45 Familial debt bonds total. Which means you have to kill Profit Taker 45 times. Luckily though the shop prices are all really reasonable.

Blueprints for the Ignis Wraith and Snipetron are the only weapons available, but they’re purchases. This is the most accessible way of getting both weapons currently. The Snipetron in particular should be grabbed because it’s only ever limited to events like this.

Everything else Ticker is selling is cosmetic. There’s a bunch of glyphs, and the Eros Valentines Day arrow skin has made a return. For some reason, these still haven’t been changed from consumable into actual skin. There’s a Ticker Floof and a ship decoration that really should have been an ephemera. We also have an ephemera that’s a pair of angelic wings.

Yeah, this sort of wing. Random aside, this guy is HUGE!
Yeah, this sort of wing. Random aside, this guy is HUGE!

So now everyone has a pair of wings.

Like, pretty much everyone. You cannot escape them. They are everywhere. Being an Ephemera, these wings can be worn with a Syandana at the same time, but are somehow way bigger than even the large wing ones. You can colour the wings fully, and they use the full set of colours that you also use for your attachments. That being said, the colours do seem kinda washed out. True black doesn’t look true black at all on the wings. So lighter colours work best.

On the plus side, I think the trend will die down. The Eros wings are very nice, but they are big and bulky and get in the way. Even when in the combat position. They’re impractical most of the time.

I do wish though that the neon wing ship decoration was an Ephemera as well. Sure, it’s somehow tackier than the giant Eros wings. But I feel the neon wings are more practical than the actual wings, and also just look nicer.

Shame there’s no actual quest or story or anything.

I mean, it’s nice that we have a shop. And most types of Debt Bonds are easy to get. But a mission or alert would have been nice. Just something to tie it all together.

Doesn’t even have to be a very big mission. Could literally just be one bounty where Ticker does mission control and you have to rescue a Solaris United guy, and you get rewarded with the old Eros ship decoration.

Oh well. At least it’s something to spend some of these Debt Bonds on… IF I HAD ANY!

That’ll teach me to spend all my debt bonds on ship decorations…


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