The Three Best Void Fissure Missions You Should Always Try to Do

Not gonna lie, I open a lot of relics. To the point that I get low on Axi relics. Void fissures are a great, rather mindless pass time for me. Not only am I getting some sort of loot out of all these relics, but I can also get Forma or occasionally things that sell for a lot of plat. You don’t even need to join pre-made squads, you can often get random gold parts just by chance.

That being said, not all Void Fissures are made equally. Some are way better or worse than others. Today, we’re going to talk about the best Void Fissure missions you should always try and do.


The missions you should avoid…

First though, if you want to open lots of relics, you’ll want to avoid some missions. Namely Defense missions. Interception isn’t great either. Theoretically, Excavation should be great for relics. But in all of these missions, the reactant drop rate is far too low. It’s very easy to be forced to slow down or scrounge around for the last few reactant to open your relic.

Mobile Defense on the other hand is simply too slow. The reactant drops are great, but you’re looking at about 5 minutes per mission, which, at that point, you might as well jump into an endless mission.

Disruption is okay, but I feel you need to put too much effort into it. You can’t mindlessly play Disruption like you can other game modes.

Capture missions, Meso, Neo and Axi

Capture missions are great for super fast runs. Once you get the capture target, you can dash towards extraction, picking up reactant along the way. Enemies tend to spawn and become corrupted just before you get to them, giving the mission a rather steady flow. The mission type overall is also insanely easy… to the point that you have to TRY to fail.

I’ve not included Lith relic missions here for one reason: The very low level ones on Earth and Venus can be done so quickly that not enough Void enemies spawn. It’s not too common, but it’s common enough that I have to slow down and backtrack to get enough reactant sometimes.

Survival missions, with a squad

Now, really, survival missions aren’t that great when it comes to times. You can only open one relic every 5 minutes. But survival missions are by far the most mindless and easiest of the endless missions. All you have to do is keep on murdering and not split up. Reactant drops tend to be pretty good as well.

The nice thing about survival missions though is that you can extract whenever you want. Sure, the rewards drop every 5 minutes. But if you hit the 6 minute mark and decide you’re done, you can just, well, go. This is particularly nice for void fissures since you can’t always know when things will get dicey. However, you only need to worry about yourself, and if the life support runs out after five minutes, it doesn’t matter as long as you make it to extraction.

Exterminate missions, any relic type

Really though, when it comes to speed, Exterminate missions are great. Aside from maybe Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress, most Exterminate missions are very straightforward. Even better though, you are basically guaranteed to get your 10 reactant. Exterminate missions used to drop hardly any reactant when void fissures were new, but now they drop so much reactant that you’re basically swimming in it. This happens regardless of mission level too, so you don’t have the same worries that you’d have in low level Capture missions.

There’s also no way to fail an exterminate mission, unless you happen to die 4 times. Most Exterminates though aren’t high level. Only Requiem Relic fissures have any real risk in them.

The best thing about these though? You can just do a few a day, incredibly quickly. Which not only leaves you time for other things, but also means you can stock up for Baro Ki’Teer every weekend! Remember, a few Void fissures a day keeps the Man in the Wall at bay, and makes the Void Trader a happy guy.

Baro Ki'Teer in a busy Strata Relay.
Baro Ki’Teer in a busy Strata Relay.


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