The Perks of being a True Master

It took me a long, long time to reach True Master in Warframe. I played through a myriad of events, sat through a maze of reworks and probably spent a little too long in Sanctuary Onslaught. And all the common farming missions. Gian Point is quite a standout, especially when it comes to Intrinsics. I played quite slowly though, only gunning for the end once I reached MR28 and saw that an end was in sight. That mad dash though was just as intense as someone attempting to speed-run the game. Reaching MR30 and becoming a True Master allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief, as well as reap my long-awaited rewards.

However, was it worth it? What are the perks of being a True Master?

Volt with Kuva Bramma
A Volt with the MR30 True Master sigil on his chest.

The initial rewards are alright.

I can’t complain. A bunch of Umbral Forma, some Riven slots and a few cosmetics. The little True Master chat emote and little statue for your Landing Craft are very nice. I do appreciate the Umbral Forma, despite not having used them. Honestly though, the True Master emote is pretty shit. It should have been a bad-ass-looking stance, a bit like the Ki’Teer emote. Instead, it’s a weird jump-spin into the air, followed by a weird float downwards.

The most interesting thing is the True Master Font, which allows you to go to a relay once a day, and give a buff to everyone present. However, this doesn’t work. Or, at least, it doesn’t appear to. For some players, myself included, you can give out the buff, but it doesn’t apply until you leave the relay. Other players are also not notified that a buff has been given. In the Kronia and Orcus relays, the large Rhino statue is SUPPOSED to turn into the Warframe of the person giving the True Master blessing. Of course, that doesn’t work either.

At least the buffs themselves are good. The health and shield ones are pointless, but +25% affinity, credits or resource drop chances are pretty nice, and they do stack with other boosters. I haven’t used the +25% damage one, but I’m sure it has a niche somewhere.

Syndicate standing is nice.

Like every rank up, you do get more potential Syndicate standing per day. 31,000 standing is a good chunk. It’s enough to buy a Warframe augment every day, 3 relic packs every 2 days or splurge on an expensive Syndicate weapon every 4 days. However, it’s not really that much of a step up from MR29. They actually rebalanced Syndicate standing at around the time MR30 came out. Why? So that low MR players weren’t stuck earning tiny amounts of standing per day.

Still, 31k a day is enough for my needs.

Forma-ing gear is now pretty painless!

The best thing though is being able to fit all my mods on a weapon, regardless of its level. With every rank you get, you obtain an extra free slot when leveling up a weapon. For a MR1 player, they only get 1 capacity on a brand new weapon, and they need to level the weapon to level 30 to be able to, well, put anything in it. An MR10 player gets 10 starting capacity, meaning they can slot in a Pressure Point or something on a rank 0 weapon.

For an MR30 player? You get to use all 30 slots of capacity right off the bat on any unranked weapon. Sure, you still have to level that item up, and Warframes still need to unlock their abilities. But, with an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst, you can basically have a full build with a level 0 weapon, Warframe or, well anything! It’s so useful, especially since you can easily see where you need more forma. But having 30 starting capacity also means you can get a better feel for your new gear right away.

Honestly, it is so, so useful.

What about future levels?

“But Medic, you’re a True Master, how much further can you go?” Well, it turns out, quite far. I’ve continued to master all new content as it comes out. Aside from the Bonewidow Necramech. But everything else has been mastered. On top of the trickle of new weapons, I’ve also re-maxed out my Intrinsics. However, all of this actually brings me quite close to the next Mastery level: Legendary 1.

Yes, the grind doesn’t stop at True Master. There are a good few Legendary levels after True Master, which, I assume, continue on with the same pattern. Despite reaching True Master, I have been slowly gaining more affinity. And, by my calculations, we only need 12 more weapons for Founders to hit the next checkpoint.

The question is though, what happens from there? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.


Medic, also known as Phovos (or occasionally Dr Retvik Von Scribblesalot), writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF since she doesn't have anything better to do. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Phovos has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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