Nonsensical Thoughts About Murexes

Murex are Sentient ships that seem to appear every so often in the Veil Proxima. They were also one half of the two-pronged Scarlet Spear operation. These colossal, rib-caged ships are menacing sights to behold, appearing from the darkness and disappearing just as quickly. But these ships are completely insane. They were chased off by strange, scrambled signals in Scarlet Spear, yet just hang uselessly in the dark during Sentient Anomaly missions.

What is going on with these ships?

A Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima
A Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima

Murex make no sense!

So we have ships that can travel super fast. At least fast enough to zoom away after being defeated by us in Scarlet Spear. But they also just kinda hang around uselessly. The ones seen in Sentient Anomaly missions are completely stationary, even after you have killed everything inside. Murex from Scarlet Spear seem to teleport away or just zoom off after they’ve been defeated.

But these ships only ever seem to arrive one at a time. The most we ever saw was 5 at once, but they never really seemed to, well, do much. Heck, they just send out two sentient-versions-of-ramsleds then give up, and happily let you park inside their bellies. Okay, sure, Your Railjack goes invulnerable while doing missions on Corpus Proximas, but Murex have been around way longer than Corpus Railjack missions.

Their geography is insane.

I get it, there’s always going to be some difference between outside a ship and inside a ship. Keeping things consistent has never been a strong point in Warframe. The Corpus ships in Railjack in particular are pretty egregious examples, since the maps used for Exterminate missions are often way, way bigger than what you see from your Railjack outside.

But unlike Murex, Corpus Stanchions and Capital Ships don’t randomly open up into, well, completely open courtyards. I understand that Sentient technology is cool and weird and alien, but that’s taking the cake, isn’t it? The size of the Murex has literally nothing to do with what it looks like from the inside! These ships literally lead to pocket dimensions.

Even the Sentients inside make no sense.

Most Murex are… kinda empty. There’s basically no Sentients inside. You do occasionally run into black pools that spawn some weakling Sentients, but that’s basically it. You’ll fight a bunch of very scattered Sentients, and run through a lot of emptiness. These Murex are mostly empty hallways with the occasional skittering critter, when they should have at least a battalion of troops in there.

Even if they’re just scouting ships, the fact that there’s no one on board is weirdly suspicious.

Like, I get it, the whole Sentient invasion is still unfinished, it’s a work in progress. As the New War unfolds (if it ever does) then maybe we’ll see more activity on these ships. But for now, Murex are just completely nonsensical, and stuck in the past.


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