5 Pokemon I Haven’t Seen in Months

There are a lot of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Spanning six generations, it will eventually be the most complete Pokemon game around. Assuming they ever release Kecleon. However, a LOT of Pokemon will go missing over time. Because of events and changing spawns, some Pokemon just don’t get a chance in the spotlight. In fact, some Pokemon just end up disappearing completely, until there’s an event that suits them.

Here’s a list of a few Pokemon I genuinely haven’t seen in months.

Fossil Pokemon

The idea of fossil Pokemon is a weird concept. You have an extinct Pokemon that you basically “Jurassic Park” back to life. This gimmick has continued through the entire Pokemon series. In Generation 8, they make fun of it by mixing up the fossils and creating abominations. But here in Pokemon GO, we just have a handful of them.

However, not all fossil Pokemon are treated equal. Aerodactyl is considered the rarest Kanto fossil, but it has been around in research tasks since, well, forever. Kabuto and Omanyte had a chance to spawn during the Kanto event back in February. Lileep and Anorith have appeared in Team Rocket fights, and are sometimes rewards “Make 3 Great Throws”. However, that’s assuming you can find any of these research tasks outside of events.

But Archen and Tortuga have been practically invisible, aside from brief breaks in 7km eggs, since last year.


Regigigas is a massive Pokemon and the leader of the three golems, Regirock, Registeel and Regice. However, this hulking, bush-cuffed clown-like normal type has been MIA for ages. It first appeared as the final reward for an early, ticketed research. After that though Regigigas became the main boss for EX-Raids, special, exclusive raids that happened at set times. But EX-Raids were cancelled back when COVID stuff started ramping up.

Regigigas hasn’t been available since.

Then again, I should add Palkia and Dialga to this list as well. They appeared during 2020’s GO Fest, and haven’t been seen since either. But Regigigas has been gone for much longer.


For some reason, Sandile is a Pokemon that only exists in 12km eggs. To be fair, a lot of Pokemon are basically eternally trapped in eggs. Baby Pokemon are most notorious for this. But Sandile isn’t a baby Pokemon. It’s just a pretty standard dark type. Yet for reasons unknown, not only is it eternally trapped in 12km eggs, but it’s very rare as well.

So rare in fact that, over 6 accounts, we’ve only ever hatched 2 Sandile. We’ve had better luck hatching Deino.


“But Phovos, isn’t Sewaddle a common spawn in the main series games?” Yes, yes it is. But in Pokemon GO, for some reason, it is INSANELY rare. I’ve only ever caught or hatched 5 Sewaddles total. That’s less than genuinely rare pseudo-legendary Pokemon like Deino.I don’t even have enough candy to evolve one.

Apparently this Pokemon had a chance to spawn in a recent Grass-themed catch event, but despite using incense, I never saw any. It’s basically the Caterpie of its generation, but Sewaddle in Pokemon GO is stupidly uncommon, even in events where it’s supposed to spawn. For some reason…


At this point, I don’t think Axew even exists. I mean, it exists for other players, but I have never caught, hatched or even SEEN one. However, I do have an Axew, which was traded to me by my brother. This one Axew, I have walked it to 125 candies, enough to make it my best buddy twice over. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have traded one, so I’d be able to see Axew’s shadow on the mini-radar. That being said, I haven’t caught one on my baby account either, so that one would still get a shadow.

Yet I’ve STILL never even seen one. I’ve seen more wild Gabites, wild Deinos and 100% Beldums than I’ve seen Axew.

Pokemon that have been MIA for ages
Pokemon that have been MIA for ages

Why are all these Pokemon super rare? I have no idea. But with how events work, all we have to do is wait for them to appear in an event. But that’s assuming they are even common spawns in said events…


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