A Late Farewell to CP_Freight

Choo choo!
Choo choo!

“WHAT? IS CP_FREIGHT BEING REMOVED?” No. Calm down. I’m talking about the fifth or sixth version of itsurblog that finally bit the dust a while back. You know, that thread where we talked about anything BUT Team Fortress 2. Oh and a bit of Team Fortress 2.

So yes, the thread called CP_Freight was unexpectedly closed late at night while I was asleep. So I don’t know what the last conversation was before the thread died a miserable death. Knowing CP_Freight and its fellow deceased siblings, I assume it was a discussion about ponies or Pokemon or porn (the three Ps) or something. Unlike most threads, CP_Freight was simply deleted. There’s no locked thread you can go back and visit, there’s no remains of it at all except for our memories of it.

Yeah, it’s dead. Gone. Doomed. Demolished. Destroyed. Deleted.

Along with 250 of my posts. That’s the downside of a thread being deleted. Anyone who posts in a thread that is later deleted will have their post count lowered. For me, someone with over 10,000 posts (because I have no life), that’s not an issue. For someone who spent their entire time in CP_Freight, they’ve probably lost more than that.

It was worth it though. We chatted about pretty much anything though, particularly about when the thread would be closed. Would it be at 5000 posts? 7000? Other recurring subjects were Pokemon, the dreaded My Little Pony, the Fallout games and the occasional rant about why other players are so awful. Oh well.

Anyway, CP_Freight hit 10,000 posts. Quite impressive. It was fun while it lasted. Now to wait for the next thread.

And now we shall wait...
And now we shall wait…


A final note, this is the 200th published article. Thank you, everyone who’s contributed!


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