Help Wanted – Determining the Future of the SPUFserver

This announcement was made by me on the SPUFserver group recently and will probably be also made on SPUF at some point. It’s being posted here as well to get the word out. I appreciate your cooperation.

I’ll just start by saying that it’s no secret that we haven’t been performing as well as we would like. We are fairly certain that the current operation of the SPUFserver is unsustainable. If we do not make changes to make the server more successful, it will have to die due to lack of funding or low traffic. This is not a desirable option given that this server is perhaps one of the few resources that SPUF has left as a community.

Thus, I would like to request your help: I need advice on what direction the SPUFserver should take and what revamps need to be made in order to return the SPUFserver to a level of stability. To that end, I will be creating a panel to discuss the issues facing us and determine solutions to help encourage the future success of the server. If you are interested in participating, please contact me on Steam.

Find me on Steam.

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