ESEA-Invite Season 16 Week 7 Standings and Playoff Scenarios

We’re almost two-thirds of the way through ESEA Season 16 with only one last Invite game remaining in Week 6 on Granary, so it’s time to look ahead at Week 7 and the current standings in Invite. At this point, we’ve finally got teams clinching their spots and booking their tickets to LAN, while others are on the brink of seeing the dream disappear.



  1. froyotech

    Current Record: 10-0-0, RF 45, RA 10
    Status: clinched LAN spot via virtue of record and tiebreaker over Rent-a-Homies
    Games Behind: 0
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: Classic Mixup (1-0), Exertus eSports (1-0), Street Hoops eSports (2-0), Rent-a-Homies (2-0), wood pig (1-0), 6cuties (1-0), WELOVEANIME (1-0), Blame Game (1-0)

Remaining LAN Spots

  1. Classic Mixup

    Current Record: 10-1-0, RF 46, RA 14
    Status: can clinch LAN spot with a win or Rent-a-Homies loss
    Games Behind: 0.5
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: Exertus eSports (1-0), Street Hoops eSports (1-0), Rent-a-Homies (1-0), wood pig (2-0), 6cuties (2-0), WELOVEANIME (1-0), Blame Game (2-0)

  2. Exertus eSports

    Current Record: 7-3-0, RF 43, RA 19
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 3
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: Rent-a-Homies (1-0), wood pig (2-0), 6cuties (2-0), WELOVEANIME (1-0), Blame Game (1-0)

  3. Street Hoops eSports

    Current Record: 6-4-0, RF 34, RA 26
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 4
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: Exertus eSports (1-0), wood pig (1-0), 6cuties (1-0), WELOVEANIME (1-0), Blame Game (1-0)

In the Hunt

  1. Rent-a-Homies

    Current Record: 5-6-0, RF 25, RA 36
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 5.5
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: 6cuties (1-0), WELOVEANIME (2-0), Blame Game (1-0)

  2. wood pig

    Current Record: 4-7-0, RF 31, RA 34
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 6.5
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: Rent-a-Homies (1-0), WELOVEANIME (2-0), Blame Game (1-0)

  3. 6cuties

    Current Record: 2-8-0, RF 15, RA 45
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 8
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: wood pig (1-0), Blame Game (1-0)


    Current Record: 2-9-0, RF 13, RA 40
    Status: N/A
    Games Behind: 8.5
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: 6cuties (1-0)

  5. Blame Game

    Current Record: 1-9-0, RF 9, RA 37
    Status: eliminated with loss and Street Hoops eSports win
    Games Behind: 9
    Head-to-Head Tiebreakers Held: none

Game of the Week

At this point, it’s April, and in North America that means spring is finally coming back in force! (Well, it should be… things haven’t been so hot here in Atlanta.) What better way to celebrate than with the appropriately-named new addition to the ESEA map lineup Sunshine?

This week, nothing will be more interesting than seeing the matchup between Classic Mixup and Exertus eSports. The implications are clear – Classic Mixup will be looking to solidify their second seed position, while Exertus eSports will want to distance themselves from Street Hoops eSports (who they can’t hold a tiebreaker over) and possibly move in to challenge Classic Mixup’s hold on the spot.

In the end, holding the second seed as opposed to the third seed only gives the winner the first map pick in the best-of-3 first round series, but that in itself may be important in avoiding the loser’s bracket and possible elimination. Of course, the third seed is preferable in avoiding an early confrontation with froyotech, which has looked dominant this season with their lineup.

It should be a good match and I expect it to be casted, so pay attention to that. Good luck to both teams!

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