Creating the Daily SPUF Steam Group.

Artist's recreation of John Caveson when he thinks. Picture by VaultBoy596.
Artist’s recreation of John Caveson when he thinks. Picture by VaultBoy596.

As many of you may know, the Daily SPUF now has a Steam Group. We’ve posted several blog posts and have been discussing our thoughts on them in the Discussion forum.


But, I’m sure many of you may be wondering how it came into being. Why did I create it? Why not aabicus?


Well sit down and I’ll tell you a funny story on how it went that way.



Time to sit down and enjoy a little bedtime story.


In the middle of the night with nothing to do, I decide to browse Steam a bit. Out of sheer boredom, I decide to browse SPUF groups. There’s a surprising number of TF2 related SPUF groups, as well as more that were for some of the big games that weren’t TF2, namely Dota and Minecraft. I came across many groups dedicated to certain SPUF projects, such as the Massive Melee Mashup, SPUF: Survivor Island, and others. However, as I was browsing around, I noticed something was… off. I typed in “The Daily SPUF” in theĀ  search bar, and no search results came up; I was puzzled. I thought to myself, “Weird, the Daily SPUF doesn’t have a Steam Group? I mean surely a project as popular and supported such as that would have its own Steam Group.”


Then I knew what I had to do. To me, the worst case scenario was aabicus asks me to not do it, then all I gotta do is just leave the group and it would delete itself. What harm could it cause? I contacted aabicus and he was actually thankful. He’s been wanting to create one, but never got around to it. I guess I saved him the trouble of doing it, and so I’m now the self appointed manager of the Steam Group. Who would of guessed? I invited all the staff, got iGamr to make the group avatar and, made the group public on May 14th, five days after it was created.


And voila! That’s how we got here today. Well now you know.


Stay cool everyone,


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