The Changing and the End of Stuff

Good day!
Good day!

Hello, my fellow mercenaries! Today, I’m just going to mention a few bits and pieces.

I love reading articles from you lot, and I love receiving them. Problem is, I can’t always tell if they’re finished and ready to be published or not. I have a bit of a weird organisation system, in which any articles that are 100% ready to publish, I leave in the Pending section and everything else gets thrown into Drafts. I generally have to edit most articles before they’re finished anyway, since a few of you forget to set your categories or don’t add any tags what so ever, and both those things help keep me organised too, like me using the contest tag for, well, contest articles.

As well as that, there’s also the question of images. If I’m low on articles, I’ll make my own images, but I know quite often that the pictures don’t always match up with the articles (although this one has a Soldier for a joke!). If you require images, or particular images or anything like that, I’d very much like to know. Remember, you’re not really supposed to nick images from other sites (although official TF2 content is a bit of a must for this blog) and I can do a lot of pictures for you. Unless it involves any of the new taunts with props, I haven’t figured out how to do those yet. I also found all the unusual effects, so we can use those too.

If you’re stuck for ideas for what to write, feel free to message me, either on SPUF or on Steam, or make a post here saying “Medic give me something to write!” and I’ll give you a random subject from my random subject generator. Or you can get others to do the work for you and do a Dear Aaby article. And don’t forget, anyone who writes articles here can help answer a Dear Aaby question!

Speaking of which, for the longest of times, our ‘ask the writers’ ¬†section has been called Dear Aaby, for the nice pun, and I’ve kept it this way for so long because Aabicus has always been one of the big faces around here and he writes a literal tonne of articles that everyone loves, particularly the niche-y ones. Despite that, I really dislike the name Dear Aaby, especially since the questions being answered here aren’t just from Aabicus, but I answer them too, and random¬†contributors¬†answer them as well. These are addressed to Aabicus but being answered by pretty much everyone. The village bicycle of Daily SPUF articles, if you will.

AAAAAAnnnnnyyyyyway, (I don’t know why I just did that but it amuses me) I think it’s time for a new name for this often forgotten part of the Daily SPUF. It needs something new, a breath of fresh air, even if blog posts can’t actually breathe. Problem is, I’ve wasted all my writing talent on posting articles here since we’ve currently got a lack of them and I cannot think of anything good to rename this section to. So I’m going to be a gentleman about this and ask you lot for assistance.

Finally, we end this article with an end for our Daily SPUF Article contest. I’d like to thank you all for writing stuff, that should last us for about, well, a week or so before I have to beg you all to write more. Aabicus and I will get to work reading through and judging all these lovely entries. Because I’m nice, I’m offering you another few hours (basically before I get up tomorrow) to finish up your articles, add images if you want and make sure you’ve added the secret phrase somewhere.

Thank you all for reading!


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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