PhlogistiCast official Casting Call – August 2014

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Hello everybody! You may or not have noticed that this blog now has a podcast associated with it. Said podcast is called the PhlogistiCast, or Phlog for short. So far we have produced three episodes and plan to do at least nine more this year, all episodes are posted on our YouTube channel here.

This podcast needs your help! One of the two hosts has left the show and I, Dekky, am searching for somebody to replace her. The job involves coming on Skype every weekend or so and helping me to interview a special guest, discussing a wide variety of topics within Team Fortress 2 and occasionally Source Filmmaker. Each episode could be anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour long because, even within just three episodes, we’ve realized that time moderation doesn’t work. I may sometimes ask you to help with editing the episodes, but only in a dire situation, like if I’m in hospital or I’ve been severely burned by a PopTart.

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The current state of the Phlog staff room.

If you are interested in becoming a host on the PhlogistiCast, please send a short application e-mail to Tell me what you enjoy about TF2, why you want to be a host and anything we could do to make the podcast better. Seriously, constructive criticism would be awesome. Also include basic info like your name, age and where you’re from.

Below are the criteria I’ll be judging applicants on. Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these, they will help your case but aren’t essential. The only essential thing is that you must have a Skype account with a decent connection and a microphone. If I ask you for your Skype name, it means I like your application, but if I call you and discover that your connection is laggy or your microphone picks up leaves rustling across the street, you won’t get the role. Sorry. But again, this is all very casual and you should send me an e-mail anyway if you’re interested.

Need a new host here
“Need a new host here!”

Applicants will be preferred if they:

  • Are above the age of 16 and can speak English clearly and fluently.

  • Are female. Early feedback suggests that a strong female presence is one of the strong points of the podcast, so it would be nice to maintain that.

  • Can be flexible with timetabling and don’t mind recording in the morning or evening, depending on time zone differences.

  • Have a good background knowledge of TF2 classes, weapons, game modes etc.

  • Have some knowledge of Source Filmmaker and how it works.

  • Are chatty and amiable but able to (mostly) stay on topic.

  • Are able to pronounce ‘PhlogistiCast’.

  • Know that New Zealand is not part of Australia. Well, you know now!

And that’s about it! I remind you that none of the listed points are essential, but I will consider these when choosing a new host. So, who’s keen? Get your applications in to as soon as possible, as outlined above. Remember that it’s all casual and all meant to be fun, just like Team Fortress 2!

There is no set date for the closure of PhlogistiCast host applications, I will simply post an announcement on this blog when somebody has been selected.

3 thoughts on “PhlogistiCast official Casting Call – August 2014

  • August 16, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    To make a long story short, “Nope.”

    The original plan was for Medic to co-host the show, but it doesn’t suit her any more. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in the role? We’re still accepting applications. 😛

    • August 18, 2014 at 12:02 pm

      Wish I could, but I’m not going to be able to provide any kind of real commitment to the role. But I wouldn’t mind appearing in one of the podcasts as a guest if you need someone.


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