The 400th Article Contest – WINNERS!

Everyone's a winner! Almost.
Everyone’s a winner! Almost.

Remember that contest thing I mentioned in the 4ooth article? Well, that contest has finished. And now I have the results of who won and all that. But before I tell you that, I’d like to thank everyone who entered, even if you didn’t manage to finish your entry. Over the next week or so, I’ll be publishing all your articles, interspersed with regular articles because I don’t want to overload our readers. If you entered and didn’t finish your entry, don’t worry, I’ll publish your entry when it’s finished.

The winners!

The Best Article About Weapon Balance
Loved For What You Are: It’s Okay To Be Situational by ICBMoose

The Best Article About The New Maps
Dekky’s introduction to Astrophysics by Dekky

The Best Article Featuring Something To Do With The Past
Itsurblog: Final Score by Confusion

The Best Article Not About TF2. Except this one was a comparison between weapons in TF2 and Fallout.
TF2 weapons vs Fallout weapons Part 1: Guns that make holes in people by Confusion.

Extra kudos for Timmy for the best use of the secret phrase and for SparkeeLecaro for being a close second and for being extra awesome for donating prizes.

You winners, I’ve sent you trade requests containing your lovely lovely prizes.

Once again, thank you everyone for, well, everything.


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