Finally, TF2 has gone mobile!

Howdy guys! My name is Varun Iyer, and I’d like to share with you guys a mobile app that I specifically designed for TF2 Players.

Well, first of all I’d like to say that this was a project I started recently because I noticed that TF2 wasn’t going mobile. Specifically, features that many people use, such as trading, viewing their backpack, and price-lists for buying and selling items wasn’t available on mobile devices.

People had to rely on their, bulky, fat (no offense) laptops to simply know whether they got the widowmaker they were trading for.

Well, I can tell you that I’ve partially solved this problem, so let’s celebrate!

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Haha, well not yet. In all seriousness, I’ve released an app for Team Fortress 2 called “A Great App for TF2” that currently has a backpack viewer and has TF2 news loaded right on your phone. A couple of things to note about the backpack viewer though, it uses what is called a Steam-64 id  to find your backpack (if you don’t know what is,  please visit this site for more info). We are currently trying to figure out how to also incorporate steam login and how to add backpacks through steam usernames.

Though its still in its early states, I’m willing to put in the time and effort to deliver a innovative and helpful TF2 experience on your mobile device. These are a couple of the things you will expect in the next update (which will come out in ~2 weeks):

  • Pricelist (given by
  • Backpack Info (total value of backpack, number of items, etc., also given by
  • Searching and filtering through your backpack
  • (Maybe)Steam trading/Trade Offers

Please also note that there isn’t an Android version out there yet! Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m working on it and will hopefully release it around the time of the next update.

So if you’d like to download the app, please click on this link.

Join our steam group to get notified of  the lastest updates and news.

As always, have a nice day and please write a review or rate the app to express your love.

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