Phlog Updates: The Builder, the Sharpshooter and the Filmmaker

Everything is now back on track with the PhlogistiCast, our new YouTube show tasked with educating players of TF2! Episodes 3 and 4 have recently been released, with our first News Network video uploaded today.

In Episode 3 we got Sn8wman on board to talk about the Engineer in all his glory. There was much laughter, cosmetic talk and gnashing of Pomson-rusted teeth. We also discussed the beta maps, Asteroid and Cactus Canyon, finishing with a few notes on low-gravity gameplay.

Episode 4 was the first without Nommy around, but I managed to find just the chap to keep things rolling: Thunder and his trusty rifle, the Ragequitter. Together we looked at the Sniper and his unique role in the team, the things people often get wrong, how to get the most out of this bushwhacker. Definitely the most fun interview yet!

Too many Snipers
The PhlogistiCast: Taking aim at bad loadouts and overpriced cosmetics since 2014.

Rather than doing news in the same video (which would have been an hour long if we had), Thunder and I decided to kick off a new series called the Phlog News Network. We reported on the announcement of the Fourth Annual Saxxy Awards and shared two of our favourite entries from yesteryear. I predictably make a fool of myself. Then the really fresh news, Valve’s new merchandise design competition! If you’re any good with T-shirt or poster designs, go to to check it out and get famous.

By the way, we’re still accepting applications for a new co-host on the PhlogistiCast. Any takers? See this article for details:

Finally, here are some lovely links so you can see the new videos yourself!

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Phlog News 16 August 2014:

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