What is your favorite thread in all of SPUF’s history?

Medic: See, that’s the thing, I have a crap memory and I can never remember the name of threads that I really enjoyed. The itsurblog threads have always vastly entertained me but quite often, I’ll only catch the tail end of fantastic threads. I suppose the Uprising thread in the Medic subforum has always amused me. It’s good to see a bunch of Medics all working together for a common cause rather than arguing over the Quick Fix.

aabicus: Oh man, I’ve got some. Most of them are name-dropped in this thread or that one, but one that isn’t is “I didn’t choose the fort life“, where Junko plays The Sims 3 with each Sim a TF2 class. It got quite far and is filled with his/her own peculiar brand of humor, and only stopped when the author was sadly banned from SPUF. I miss you, Junko. Why couldn’t you have kept updating through your Steam group?

One of the advantages to having this blog is that I can take threads of mine that I enjoyed and kinda polish them into real articles with pictures and whatnot, so a lot of the TF2 threads of mine I’ve enjoyed appear somewhere on this blog as an article.

John Caveson: Of my 1 1/2 on SPUF….probably the Daily SPUF thread 🙂 I have never seen such commitment and community involvement since the golden age of the SPUFserver.

Brickinator: The one with the fake pages for a Heavy vs Medic update.

The page was a horrifying mess of bad jpgs, stolen fanart and some of the worst fake German names ever. There was no logic to any of the items either; Heavy got given a tank and Medic got a plane. It even made a Sniper map official.

The best part of it was easily the little comic strips though. Highly pixellated pictures of the characters interacting in broken English, including a panel where Heavy opens a present and then dies in a nuclear bomb explosion.



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